cannot delete some messages

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Kenny Mann, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Kenny Mann

    Kenny Mann Guest

    I sent one message to an incorrect email address. That message is no longer
    in the outbox or anywhere to be found, but every time I turn on Windows Live,
    I get an error message about that one email. It is extremely annoying. I
    tried to do a system restore. It won't complete the restore. I tried to re
    install Windows Live - it didn't help.

    Now I sent another email to a different address. It contained a document
    with photos that must have been too large, because it took half an hour to
    "send" and then didn't send and it cannot be found so that I can't delete it.
    Now every time I start Windows Live, THAT error message comes up and it
    keeps trying to send this new email - and each time I try again, it adds the
    email to the list.

    In addition, I can now no longer receive email!!

    How do I delete these emails that are causing all the problems? This is
    utterly insane and a real problem with Windows Live...MSN should compensate
    for the time spent trying to deal with this. Outlook Express was 1000 times
    Kenny Mann, Mar 5, 2010
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  2. Kenny Mann

    ...winston Guest

    It's somewhere to be found..

    WLM Menu/File/Work Offline
    Ensure viewing for any folder is configured to show all messages
    Look in all folders including Storage folders and Recovered Items.

    It is unlikely that WLM or an email is responsible for a System Restore(thus you can probably discount that)

    A reinstall does not remove any messages that might be present..

    The most efficient method for reinstallation is:

    -Remove the entire program and all folders(the entire Message store folder) and select registry settings and restart prior to
    The 'Complete' Uninstall/Reinstall Method For Windows Live Mail!F92775FC46A390CA!226.entry

    -Ensure you backup and important messages and accounts.
    How to Backup Windows Live Mail Accounts, Contacts and Messages!F92775FC46A390CA!174.entry

    - Always use the full installer rather than the web installer.
    Windows Live Essentials Availability!F92775FC46A390CA!424.entry
    -see the bulleted items in Comments/Suggestions section Step 5 for the full download.

    Like OE, WLM is is this compensation required

    MSN is a web portal and premier subscription plan and not Windows Live.
    ...winston, Mar 5, 2010
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