cannot login locally (user)

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by barney, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. barney

    barney Guest

    Ive had a look in the GPO and located the "log in locally" policy and it
    has a bunch or users enabled, but not _the_ "user" account.

    Unfortunatly the add/remove user is greyed out.

    How can I allow users to log in locally? I need to do this to allow me to
    create a user from which I can create roaming profiles - copy the profile

    Unless there's a better way of creating roaming prfiles for multiple users?

    I'm using the MS SBS 2003 (russel, crawford, gerend - MS Press) book and it
    says this is the way to do it.

    Pain in the bum!
    barney, Nov 1, 2004
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  2. Hi Barney,

    Users are not supposed to be able to login locally on the server and there
    certainly is no need to. If you use the Add user wizard from Server
    management, you can setup roaming profiles in the profile tab. No need for
    that user to be able to login locally.
    Marina Roos [SBS-MVP], Nov 1, 2004
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  3. barney

    barney Guest

    Hi Marina,

    I tried the add user wizard several times, but "my documents" never
    redirects, so I thought I'd give roaming a go. The MS book says that's how
    it's done.

    Should have know better.
    barney, Nov 1, 2004
  4. Hi Barney,

    Which errormessages do you get? Have you tried the 'configure redirect' from
    the Users node in Server Management?
    Marina Roos [SBS-MVP], Nov 1, 2004
  5. barney

    barney Guest

    I'll give it a whizz tomorrow.

    barney, Nov 1, 2004
  6. barney

    barney Guest

    Hi, one more question. On un*x based machines the admin would typically
    login as a user and "su" to run certain apps - or I guess "run as" on

    Is this not possible with sbs or is there another limited account to use?
    barney, Nov 1, 2004
  7. Barney,

    Only admins are allowed to login locally on the server. There is absolutely
    no need for a user to login locally. Forget about it. SBS can't be used as
    TS in app. mode if that is where you're after.
    Marina Roos [SBS-MVP], Nov 1, 2004
  8. barney

    Lerner Guest

    Except if the server is also used as a workstation..

    Microsoft has a weird sense of the "small business." in SBS... Should be
    Small Enterprise or Medium Business.
    Lerner, Nov 24, 2004
  9. Hi Lerner,

    And the server should not be used as a workstation. Has nothing to do with
    small or big business.


    Microsoft SBS-MVP

    Marina Roos [SBS-MVP], Nov 24, 2004
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