cannot play mpg, mpeg,dat files atfer i tried to play AVI file,any help?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by William, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. William

    William Guest

    i am using wmp6.4 before, after i tried to play avi file,
    wmp download codec automatically. after it told me error
    in downloading codec, mpg,mpeg,dat files cannot be played
    any more!
    i have updated to wmp9 but still of no use.
    the error message are as below,but i don't know what it
    means and repairing method,pls help.

    MPLAYER2 executed an invalid instruction in
    module MCMPGDEC.DLL at 0167:011b5ea0.
    EAX=005cb21f CS=0167 EIP=011b5ea0 EFLGS=00210206
    EBX=00000010 SS=016f ESP=01b7f280 EBP=000002c0
    ECX=01b7fa68 DS=016f ESI=00000160 FS=4e27
    EDX=005caf5f ES=016f EDI=00000160 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    0f e0 f3 0f db c7 0f ef cb 0f db c1 0f d8 f0 0f
    Stack dump:
    00002cbf 00002cbf 00000000 00000007 011b4e72 005caf5f
    01b7fa68 00000008 00000010 00000160 00000010 00000000
    00000000 000000c0 00000001 00000000
    William, Jan 18, 2004
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  2. Try renaming the offending file to something else so that it
    will no longer be loaded. It's not a file that comes with
    WMP, you must have installed something else.


    * Alessandro Angeli
    * MVP::DigitalMedia
    * a dot angeli at biosys dot net
    Alessandro Angeli [MVP::DigitalMedia], Jan 18, 2004
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  3. William

    Chris Lanier Guest

    Chris Lanier, Jan 19, 2004
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