Cannot undo accidental "Permission Denied to Everyone"

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by alaborie, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. alaborie

    alaborie Guest


    I have accidently set the permission to one of my folder to "Denied"
    for Everyone group. As a result, I am completely unable to do anything
    on this folder, I cant modify permission back to inital.

    I have tried to log in using the real Administrator Account but still

    Rem: my UAC is disabled.

    I dont know what to do, please help !

    Thanks !
    alaborie, Oct 15, 2008
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  2. alaborie

    Malke Guest

    Have you tried doing a System Restore to before you made the mistake? If
    not, that's what I'd try next.

    Malke, Oct 15, 2008
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  3. alaborie

    alaborie Guest

    Thanks for suggestion...

    fact is I have just formated, thinking It would reset the permission
    (but It actually didnt ahah, foolish I was)

    Any other way to restore the folder access ?
    How comes, even with Adminisrtator account, I cannot access the
    security tab (I dont have the permission to view or edit...) ?
    alaborie, Oct 15, 2008
  4. alaborie

    Mr. Arnold Guest

    You seem to be on a protected folder, and even as admin with the user/admin
    account that Vista gave you out of the box or the built-in hidden
    Administrator account that has full rights will you be able to change
    permissions on some folders or files protected by WRP.

    The only thing you can really do is take ownership of the folder and put
    back to the correct owner, if the Advanced button is enabled. The button for
    sure is enabled with the built-in Administrator account.
    Mr. Arnold, Oct 15, 2008
  5. alaborie

    alaborie Guest


    here is what I did and it worked:

    - I enabled the hidden Administrator account
    - I gave full ownership to my folder for the Administrator account
    - Closes the properties windows
    - Opened it again and TADA, the security tab was accessible again !

    A great thanks fpr quick help!
    You Dudes really rocks !!

    Thanks !
    alaborie, Oct 15, 2008
  6. Can you point out to us non-geeks where exactly on these pages we can fine
    the explanation as to how to find his HIDDEN Administrator account? I can't
    find it, neither can my co-workers. Do you know of a page geared to
    non-geeks and techs - one in simple English we can understand and find this
    hidden account?
, Oct 15, 2008
  7. alaborie

    Mr. Arnold Guest

    I am going to give you this information for the last time, because I have
    already given you the links in previous posts that you seemed to have

    Will you read the information in this link?


    After you get it activated, then go to the Start button and to the right of
    the Search box use the > icon on the far right button and either logoff or
    switch user and logon with the Administrator account. I suggest that you
    give the account a password.

    I am also going to suggest this to you too.

    Hey, don't be no fool and drop your linen and keep on grinnin. You should
    turn UAC back on.

    I have given you several links on why UAC is there, how to work with it and
    what it is doing in previous posts

    You shouldn't run with you tail between your legs from UAC.
    Mr. Arnold, Oct 16, 2008
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