Cannot Uninstall Beta3, to install RC1 and now IE Beta3 does not w

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Jamie041, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Jamie041

    Jamie041 Guest

    I download IE7 RC1 and tried to install, which meant system trying to
    uninstall IE Beta 3..

    Got an error message saying cannot find file "jscript.dll.000". The only way
    to get out of was to cancel and resotre my system to an earlier version.
    Whislt I can now access IE, I cannot tell you what version, but my screen is
    totally alien to anything I had previously for IE (previous version was Beta

    I have lost all my settings, cannot find my favourites, cannot open another
    web site from a link within a page, cannot right click on screen, no tabs
    appear, no description appears on the IE tab at bottom of screen etc.

    I have searched all known web sites to get a solution but cannot find one.

    Would prefer not to have to do a full restore (especially as I do not an XP
    disc, only a repair / restore disk as I bough a PC with OEM version of XP

    Can any help a very frustrated man


    Jamie041, Aug 31, 2006
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  2. Jamie041

    James Guest

    Well I tried to instal IE7 RC1 ..I would call it Beta 1 not RC1
    as after it uninstalles beta 3 it told me it fail to install RC1 ?? and
    rebooted then my system start up with just a window saying it ha d to
    again vailadate my copy of xp then it started again uninstalling Beta 3
    then it installed RC1 then it rebooted

    It did the above 4 times till after it reboote d again I ha d to hit ctrl,
    Alt, Del and kille d the ie7 install program then after 1 more reboot my
    system start up ok but no w IE does not run at all just a flash o f a
    windo opening and closing ..

    So I now have to use Firefox and I think I will just stick with it!
    In fact I f they did not cost so dam much I would go get a MAC as
    Microsoft has geten..well just soft...they don't seem to be going forword
    at least not very fast fact I have seen the paint peal on my bathroom
    wall faster than any new breakthroug has come from Microsoft.

    I was going to install Beta 2 of Mediaplayer 11 "as Beta 1 looked
    promising" but after what RC1 of Ie7 put me and my system through I
    don't think I nor my system could take whit it might through at us.

    James Farmer

    and that's just what I get every time I install a new Microsoft Product!
    James, Sep 1, 2006
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