Canon CanoScan 3200F not detected by "Windows Fax and Scan"

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by Brisbane Mango, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    My Canon CanoScan 3200F scanner is installed (using Canon's ScanGear CS
    v8.5.1.1) and recognised by my Vista Ultimate installation (it appears as a
    "CanoScan 3200/3200F" in Vista's Control Panel/Scanners and Cameras applet).

    However, when I try and scan from the "Windows Fax and Scan" application I
    receive the following message:

    "No scanners were detected. If a scanner is installed, make sure that it is
    powered on and connected to the computer, and then try again.
    For information about adding or troubleshooting scanners, see Help
    and Support"

    How do I get the Windows Fax and Scan application to recognise my 3200F
    scanner which Vista already knows about?!
    Brisbane Mango, Mar 6, 2007
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  2. Brisbane Mango

    Kim S Guest

    You probaly can't.... Se my posting from 22. feb. 2007 17:26.
    But CanoScan recognizes it. Strange...

    Regards, Kim
    Kim S, Mar 6, 2007
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  3. Brisbane Mango

    Kim S Guest

    Forgot: I installed CanoScan Toolbox V.4.9, and it works
    with that, but not in Vista Fax and Scan.

    Regards, Kim
    Kim S, Mar 6, 2007
  4. As Kim has found out this indicates that the Canon software, probably
    using TWAI, is installing OK and will run the scanner -- but WIA in
    VISTA does not know the scanner is there.

    Since WIA was a twain compatibility module it should be possible to fix
    this but I've no idea how.

    Here's what VISTA HELP says about TWAIN:

    Q -- I added my scanner to the computer but I can't select it when I
    use Windows Fax and Scan or Windows Photo Gallery.

    A -- Make sure that you've correctly connected the scanner or
    multifunction printer with scanning capabilities to your computer, and
    that the device is powered on. If that doesn't work, you might need to
    update the driver so that your scanner can work with this version of
    Windows. For more information, see Repair or update a driver.

    If a driver is not available, find out if your scanner uses TWAIN
    technology. Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Fax and Scan do not work
    with TWAIN scanners, so you might need to use the program that came
    with your scanner instead. To find out if your scanner uses TWAIN
    technology, check the information that came with the scanner or contact
    the scanner manufacturer.
    Hugh Wyn Griffith, Mar 6, 2007
  5. Brisbane Mango

    Huguenot41 Guest


    I have the same problem with my Canon 4200F Scanner. I have downloaded new
    drivers from Canon but it has made no difference.

    Vista says the driver is OK but when I attempt to use it from Word etc I get
    a message that it is not connected.

    When I connect it to my laptop running XP it works perfectly.

    Any ideas please.


    Huguenot41, Mar 9, 2007
  6. I don't have the experience with Canon that I have with HP but I would guess
    that WORD is using the Windows Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service and so
    like the Fax and Scanners module cannot run the scanner.

    But as Kim has found in this thread:
    Can you install that Canoscan Toolbox and not just the driver? Then you should
    be able to scan from that application even if not from others.

    Otherwise I guess you just have to wait on Cannon.

    However there seems to be a driver for VISTA on their website if you persevere
    through their links. Note this if you upgraded from XP to VISTA:

    << To use this machine with a computer upgraded from Windows XP to Windows
    Vista, be sure to uninstall all Canon scanner software (ScanGear or scanner
    driver, application software, etc.) before upgrading to Windows Vista. >>

    Note three is a driver file and a toolbox file down at the bottom.

    Start from here and navigate on:
    Hugh Wyn Griffith, Mar 9, 2007
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