Can't Access E-Bay all of a sudden it's blocked on my computer

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by HEP Operator, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. HEP Operator

    HEP Operator Guest

    Get the message "Do you want to view onle the webpage content that was
    delivered securely? Has a Yes or No, and no ,atter what I hit, it doesn't
    let me in. Every time I enter my name and password that pops up. I tried
    restoring my computer to an earlier set point, altering my securtiy and
    nothign I have done will let me use E-bay. I have been able to get onto
    Myspace, and other sites so not sure what the problem is. Please help.
    HEP Operator, Jul 3, 2009
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  2. HEP Operator

    Don Varnau Guest

    Which version of Windows? (Including SP level- SP1,SP2,etc.)
    Which version of Internet Explorer?

    Try, in order...
    1. Clear the Temporary Internet Files
    2. Clear all cookies or find and delete any/all cookies from ebay.
    3. Internet Options> Security> Trusted Sites> Custom Level> Miscellaneous>
    Display mixed content> Enable
    Place ebay in Trusted Sites.
    To add a trusted site... Internet Options> Security> Trusted Sites> Sites>
    "Require server verification" and enter the site as (for example)
    Hope this helps,
    [MS MVP- IE]
    Don Varnau, Jul 3, 2009
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