Can't boot from a dynamic disk, FIXMBR issue and EFI question

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Robert Goldwein, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    recently I asked about a problem, that can't boot after replacement of the
    server board (Intel SE7221). It come to an interesting problem with dynamic

    I have a configuration with RAID 1 (system) and RAID 5 (data). During the
    POST, RAID 5 controller's bios is initialized before RAID 1. The R1 disk
    type is Basic, R5 disk type is Dynamic. For some reason, the R5 disk in no
    longer suitable for boot purposes - even if I choose to boot from R1, BIOS
    naturally loads MBR from R5, since it's the first volume, so for now I have
    to disable R5 controllers bios (so server boots). When I tried to install a
    temp copy of Windows, setup tells me that this volume is not understandable
    by Windows, but the volume and partition is visible in the setup, and it
    perfectly works. It's just can't be used during the boot. MBR is good
    (checked by MbrFix utility).

    Other symptom is, that in recovery console, when I try to CFGBOOT /REBUILD,
    after I choose what I want to add to boot.ini it fails (I enabled access to
    all volumes in recovery console).

    I haven't tried FIXMBR, I'm not sure if it doesn't damage the dynamic disk
    data - it strongly warns; I saved current MBR data by MbrFix utility, but
    can this resolve the issue? MBR seems fine.

    There is something wrong with that dynamic disk - chkdsk says it's all ok.

    Also, does anyone have a clue how to change boot order of PCI devices in
    POST? It's not possible to change in bios, I guess it would be possible in

    Thanks for reading as far as here,
    Robert Goldwein, Jun 10, 2006
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