Can't connect to msn / hotmail / any passport site

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by freaky, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. freaky

    freaky Guest

    Hey there,

    from the home of my parents I'm unable to connect to MSN
    with either their PC (which has also been reinstalled
    after which it still didn't work) nor with my notebook.
    Both machines work -fine- from another location, so it's
    not the time, nor the softpub.dll, nor the IE settings.
    The only thing between it and the internet is a linux
    firewall. However, if I disconnect the firewall and plug
    it straight into the PC it still won't work. It appears to
    me as we're being blocked on an IP base or something, is
    this possible? At my home I have more or less the same
    firewall and there it works fine.

    freaky, Aug 4, 2004
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  2. Greetings Freaky,

    Can you connect to other secure (HTTPs) sites? For instance, ?

    All posts unless otherwise specified are (c) 2004 Jonathan Kay.
    You *must* contact me for redistribution rights.
    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Aug 4, 2004
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  3. freaky

    Guest Guest

    1. The date on your computer needs to be set properly --
    double click the clock verify that
    the time and date are set.

    2. Check your IE Security settings -- open Internet
    Explorer, click the TOOLS menu, then
    INTERNET OPTIONS, then click the ADVANCED tab, scroll to
    the Security section, and verify that "Check for server
    certificate revocation" is UNCHECKED(if it's CHECKED then
    UNCHECK IT). Also verify that 'Use SSL 2.0' and Use SSL
    3.0' are CHECKED(if there UNCHECKED then CHECK them) then
    click OK.

    3. Click Start, then Run, and enter the following:

    regsvr32 softpub.dll

    (don't forget the "SPACE" between regsvr32 and softpub.dll)

    then click OK

    Then try signing into MSN Messenger and the Hotmail
    website again.

    instance, ?
    Guest, Aug 5, 2004
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