Can't find "Inbox Repair Tool" for Outlook

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Jack201, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Jack201

    Jack201 Guest

    While reading my email, I clicked on a email header (Snapfish) and I received
    an error message that says: Errors have been detected in the file
    C:\Documents and Settings\Jack Hopper\Local Settings\Application
    Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.pst. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and
    then use the Inbox Repair Tool.

    I have no idea where the "Inbox Repair Tool" is or how to get to it. My
    Outlook will not open at all - it just gives an error box with the above

    Please HELP!!!!!
    Jack201, Dec 5, 2007
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  2. You can find it at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12, the file name

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    Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I], Dec 5, 2007
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  3. Jack201

    Jack201 Guest

    Thank you - I ran scanpst twice and it told me that "AN error has occurred
    which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the file.
    Jack201, Dec 6, 2007
  4. Jack201

    jenjeniffer5 Guest

    If your PST file is corrupt or damaged, then you can repair it using scanpst.exe which is inbuilt repair tool provided by Microsoft. The location fromwhere you get the inbox repair tool is "Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\1033. But it differs with versions and the operating system you are using. You can use this tool to resolve your issues but if this tool fails toresolve your problems, then you can take help of the third party software that is the PST repair tool which can easily and efficiently resolve every corruption issues and repair the damaged PST file and recover all the data from old pst to the new one without modifying the original data and its metadata. You can easily use this tool and make all of your email items again accessible. Just free download the PST Repair Tool and make your PST file accessible.
    jenjeniffer5, Jul 24, 2012
  5. Jack201

    zorastalin Guest

    [ deleted ]
    zorastalin, Nov 26, 2013
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