Can't get rid of this child domain! Help. (The directory service can perform the requested opera

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Shane M Ryan, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Shane M Ryan

    Shane M Ryan Guest

    I tried to remove a child domain last week. The old junky server died. Now
    my parent domain still shows the child domain under "domains and trusts". I
    even deleted the trusts and it is still there. I followed the article below
    to try to delete the child domain, but it give me an error saying it can
    only delete a leaf object. Additionally, the drop down box on all
    workstations still shows the dead domain. How can I remove all references
    to it?

    Of the servers that are left, all are windows 2003, with the exception of
    one 2003 R2 server. I can't raise the forest functional level either
    because it thinks an old windows 2000 server is left.

    How To Remove Orphaned Domains from Active Directory;EN-US;Q230306

    13.Type: remove selected domain, and then press ENTER. You should receive
    confirmation that the removal was successful. If an error occurs, please
    refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base for articles on specific error

    Well lucky me, an error occurred.

    ntdsutil: metadata cleanup
    metadata cleanup: connections
    server connections: connect to server COMPUTERHERE
    Binding to COMPUTERHERE ...
    Connected to COMPUTERHERE using credentials of locally logged on user.
    server connections: quit
    metadata cleanup: select operation target
    select operation target: list domains
    Found 2 domain(s)
    0 - DC=home,DC=ORG
    1 - DC=child,DC=home,DC=ORG
    select operation target: select domain 1
    No current site
    Domain - DC=child,DC=home,DC=ORG
    No current server
    No current Naming Context
    select operation target: quit
    metadata cleanup: remove selected domain

    Then I get the "are you sure?" dialog box.

    DsRemoveDsDomainW error 0x2015(The directory service can perform the
    requested operation only on a leaf object.)
    metadata cleanup:
    Shane M Ryan, Apr 30, 2007
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  2. Shane M Ryan

    Shane M Ryan Guest

    This article fixed the problem. (Found it myself after more googling.)
    Shane M Ryan, Apr 30, 2007
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