Cant join domain/Previous Domain wont go away.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by sebekacoinop, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. sebekacoinop

    sebekacoinop Guest

    Hello, 1st post here.

    This is my situation: I have a server 2008r2 domain controller and
    about 300 systems. Mixed desktop and laptops. The problem I am having
    is I took over after another admin left and they hadnt switched over all
    their systems to the new domain from the old. NEW: PP OLD:

    I come across random problems with systems that will allow me to log in
    as local admin but not change the domain. The system says it is going
    to be WORKGROUP instead of part of a domain after I change it. All the
    normal logins and prompts later, I reboot and I am right back to the
    original PARKERS domain login screen. I have changed dozens of systems
    but maybe 1 out of 10 do this. I am following all the same steps on all
    systems but these random ones just wont change. Not even to a

    My systems:
    Dell Vostro Laptops 2 ghz.
    Vista Business

    Domain Controller: Server 2008r2

    When I change the workstation name, it also wont appear on the DC.
    When I manually created a computer object, and then tried to make the
    change it says one already exists. Ive tried doing these connected to
    the network, not connected, wireless and wired.

    Any ideas why the stubborn laptops?

    So the solution I need is to find out why a laptop wont give up domain
    membership and change to a workgroup so I can then change it to the new

    Thankyou to anyone who spends their time reading this.
    sebekacoinop, Dec 11, 2009
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