Can't modify folders, files on mapped network drive

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by eagle, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. eagle

    eagle Guest

    i'm having the same problem as alot of people out there with Vista. i create
    a new file on my mapped network drive, but i can't modify anything on it.
    everything has to be a "Save As" and not a "Save".

    See this post with other people with the same problem.

    brand new box (Accer) from staples. i don't know if at staples they upgraded
    the OS in store (it was sitting in stock with XP installed and they upgraded
    to Vista). i guess i could format it and reinstall Vista. but there must be
    some other way to fix this.

    any suggestions?
    eagle, Feb 21, 2007
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  2. eagle

    honlov Guest

    :( i have tried these steps, after editing the registry whenever
    reboot the system it give blue dump. pl. help!!
    honlov, Feb 23, 2009
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