Can't open PDF file directly fr Window Mail

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Simon, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Simon

    Simon Guest

    I could not open the attached pdf files in Window Mail directly from the
    paper clip icon drop down menu. However I can open it after saving the
    attachement to other folders like desktop. The error msg (simplified version):

    The file does not associate with a prog, set it at control panel.

    But the control panel setting show pdf was associated to Adobe reader 9.1.

    Please help.
    Simon, Mar 19, 2009
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  2. Simon

    mac Guest

    mac, Mar 19, 2009
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  3. Simon

    pest01824 Guest

    I have the same problem and it is not an association problem, I'm usin
    Eudora on Vista and when I get a PDF attachment and try to open it I ge
    the error message "there is an error opening this document. File can no
    be found" can anyone help


    P.S. I'm using Adobe Reader 9.
    pest01824, Mar 19, 2009
  4. This newsgroup is dedicated to the Windows Mail program.
    Sorry, we're not set up to support other email clients.
    I'm sure there is a Eudora users forum somewhere.
    Gary VanderMolen, Mar 19, 2009
  5. Simon

    pest01824 Guest

    Gary, thank you for the email, while I'm using eudora, the problem seem
    to be between Vista and Adobe as I don't have problems with othe
    attachments and I never had this problem with XP, you can suggest
    forum that can address this issue. thanks
    pest01824, Mar 19, 2009
  6. Are you telling me the Eudora users forum has no Vista experts? :)

    One possible fix for that problem is to install the Foxit PDF reader:

    It seems to do a better job of registering itself with the OS than
    Adobe Reader does. I ran into similar problems with Windows Mail,
    and used the published fix for that:
    but the fix never lasted very long. I think part of the problem is that
    Adobe frequently sends out updates, which causes the 'fix' to be reset.
    Gary VanderMolen, Mar 19, 2009
  7. Simon

    Stevey Guest

    You're describing a well know long existing problem that has no
    solution other than detaching the attachment and opening it from a
    Stevey, Mar 19, 2009
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