can't play new DVDs like "gone baby gone"

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by 8525 Greg, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. 8525 Greg

    8525 Greg Guest

    Hi - I run 2 vista MCE machines connected to my TV screens. Last night I
    rented "Gone Baby Gone" and neither machine could play the DVD. I called up
    the movie store and they said there is a new 'copy protection' scheme being
    put on some of the new DVDs (more and more of them) and this is becoming a
    common problem. THIS IS NOT GOOD! Does anyone know of a way around this in
    MCE? My work around was I made a copy of the DVD using DVDfab which made an
    ..avi file - and then I used Windows Media Player to watch the DVD. But this
    is a pain to do and apparently it's going to get worse as more and more DVDs
    come out with this new "copy protection".
    8525 Greg, Feb 26, 2008
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  2. 8525 Greg

    David B. Guest

    David B., Feb 26, 2008
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