cant play previously recorded media center shows on my repaired hp

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by jsbach marlboro ma, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. i have now no way to view all the cable shows i recorded they are not
    protected but my errormsg states either protected or cant view on different
    computer... which i am not trying to do. i believe because of system repairs
    done on my computer i am no longer able to view my hundreds of shows i have
    spent recording on my external and my main hard drive alike will not play any
    longer this with fact of my media ctr constantly failing to open up unless i
    perform a reboot after trying to initially run media ctr is all too annoying
    i need help please.... anyone and i at one time paid hundreds for microsoft
    support gold but everytime i tried to call i got completely blown off by reps
    like im dealing with a foreign company i was an original microsoft owner and
    stock holder and miss days of when i could call up and get help but i believe
    that bill and co. got rightly so pissed at govt that those days are forever
    gone.... anyways what can i do to be able to play my recorded media center
    dvr-ms recordings on my computer that the computer has been repaired over by
    hp it is hp notebook with p4 3.14mghz 2gb ram and is a pavillion zd7280us
    that was over 2k new in 04.......... totally need expert help thanks david
    marlboro ma......
    jsbach marlboro ma, Oct 26, 2006
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