Can't see myself in video call but contacts see me fine

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by patndoris, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. patndoris

    patndoris Guest

    Latest build of WLM, Vista 32-bit Home Premium, internal HP webcam (but
    previously tested with MS LiveCam and a Logitech as well)

    In a previous beta build I had the oddest webcam problem where my cam and my
    contact's cam would actually flip back and forth on the screen at a rate that
    would literally be intolerable and enough to make you dizzy. Had not
    re-tested up until today.

    Now, I am able to get to my audio and video setup just fine. The wizard
    works beautifully. However, when I start or receive a video call, while I can
    see my contact - I cannot see my own cam. There is a grey box with a webcam
    image and a red X in it. Funny thing is - my contact can see me perfectly.

    As I said latest WLM build, all Windows updates applied. All my drivers are
    up to date. Java, Flash and Shockwave are all latest releases. uPnP and SSDP
    are enabled. Firmware is up to date on router. No software firewall, no AV or
    spyware programs running real-time. I'm at a loss as to what might be the
    problem on my system. I never saw anyone experiencing the flipping back and
    forth like I had previously, and while lots of people either can't run
    audio/video setup or cam crashes - I don't see anyone with the problem that
    the cam broadcasts but they just can't see themselves while they chat.

    Are there any known conflicts with the Google Talk plugin for voice/video
    that was recently released? I noticed when I was looking at my cam selections
    in the wizard that in addition to my internal cam I was showing Google
    Connections - and the only reason I can think for those to show up would be

    I'd like to think I know my way around WLM pretty well, but I'm at a loss
    here. Skype broadcasts video just fine with the cam. I didn't bother trying
    Yahoo with all their many issues lately. Any expert help appreciated.
    patndoris, Jan 15, 2009
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  2. patndoris

    Fastigone Guest

    Not that I can help you but I have run into the same problem as yourself. I
    understand that there is a possible fix from "McAfee" but IO have never used
    that product on my computer , just AVG. This is an old post but I was
    wondering if you have found a fix for the problem you have described above?
    Since there has been no help from anyone in this forum on your topic, I would
    assume you have resolved it. Could you post the "fix" as it would be greatly

    Fastigone, Jul 8, 2009
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