can't sign into live messenger... error 80040154?!?!?

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by djslyda87, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. djslyda87

    djslyda87 Guest

    i decided to uninstall and reinstall live messenger yesterday and eve
    since i have reinstalled it i cant sign in, i get error 8004015

    i have also noticed that my browsers will not download files properly
    it keeps saving them as binary files (firefox) that i can not open o
    does nothing at all (opera), also, my IE always says i am not connecte
    at first even though i am connected through a wireless router, m
    windows updates also wont download so for some reason windows thinks i
    not connected even though i am, PLEASE help as i have spent all o
    yesterday trying to fix this, many thanks!!!

    p.s. in messenger when i click on OPTIONS and then CONNECTION it say
    "you are currently not connected to the .NET messenger service" the
    underneath it says "you are connected to the internet through a wireles
    network connection", i have run the connection troubleshooter and i
    passes all the tests

    i'm using vista home editio
    djslyda87, Sep 1, 2009
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  2. djslyda87

    djslyda87 Guest

    i have downloaded the MSXML3 and reinstalled it and it doesnt work, i
    have tried system restore and i also get an error with that now
    0x81000109, im getting really fed up and annoyed now, something has
    happened to my windows and you have to be connected to do any updates so
    i cant do them either, please help?!?
    djslyda87, Sep 1, 2009
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  3. djslyda87

    djslyda87 Guest

    can anyone please help, this is really annoying me, i've done th
    searches and tried everything but still not work, help would be muc
    djslyda87, Sep 2, 2009
  4. djslyda87

    djslyda87 Guest

    djslyda87, Sep 5, 2009
  5. djslyda87

    pissmeoff Guest

    Microsoft Live messenger sucks, it really pissed me off, I got error
    80040154, and nothing out there works online, I am using Vista x64 SP2
    Business Edition.
    pissmeoff, Oct 19, 2009
  6. djslyda87

    ...winston Guest

    ...winston, Oct 23, 2009
  7. djslyda87

    error Guest

    Solution to error 80040154 Win Live. Cant sign in...
    For Vista x64: (this is just the messenger, not the whole suite)

    than this:
    And this:


    I also did the msxml3.dll re-register. but i dont think that was the
    CMD as Admin: Regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\msxml3.dll
    'Foutcode 80040111 of 80040154 - Windows Live'

    And for 32bit same thing:

    32 bit still not working? Try reading this:
    'Installing/uninstalling Windows Live 2009 (Wave 3) QFE 2 applications
    and the Windows Live Communications Platform update - Windows Live'

    error, Dec 7, 2009
  8. djslyda87

    error Guest

    Don't forget to reboot after doing the installers
    error, Dec 7, 2009
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