Can't Stop Mail going into Junk-Email Folder

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Mike, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    In Safety Options, I have selected the "Do not Filter Junk E-Mail" option.
    Yet, mail keeps going there. None of this mail is from senders on the
    "Blocked Senders" list. What am I missing?
    Mike, Dec 8, 2009
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  2. Mike

    slk759 Guest

    Two other potentials, your antivirus program may be filtering email, and
    gmail may be filtering email. Have you looked at the settings in those
    places? FYI - you don't really need antivirus email scanning anyway. It is
    a redundant layer of scanning that often causes problems. Email is just a
    file, and it will be scanned by the normal file scanning processes of your
    antivirus software.
    slk759, Dec 9, 2009
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  3. Mike

    ...winston Guest

    An AV program that hooks into WLM to process Junk Mail when the WLM API has yet to be released ? Doubtful
    ...winston, Dec 9, 2009
  4. Mike

    ...winston Guest

    WLM doesn't have a 'Do not Filter Junk E-mail' option.
    - it does have a 'No Automatic Filtering' option

    If the recipient email address is a Live ID Hotmail type account, check your settings in the web UI.
    Also note, that the Hotmail web UI junk filter takes precedent for all mail delivered to Hotmail server and filters prior to
    delivery to the account's Hotmail inbox.
    ...winston, Dec 9, 2009
  5. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Am using Windows Security Essentials as my security suite. Using AOL as
    ISP. Have set both AOL and WLM to their respective "don't filter junk"
    Mike, Dec 9, 2009
  6. Mike

    ...winston Guest

    MSE(Microsoft Security Essentials) does not scan(nor have an option to scan) incoming/outgoing email
    If mail is still being filtered to the Junk Mail folder, then one of more common causes is the content within the email.
    ...winston, Dec 9, 2009
  7. Are you accessing AOL via IMAP or POP3?

    If POP3, then the issue is most likely in WLM. If IMAP, then the issue
    is most likely at AOL.

    If IMAP, to verify this, close WLM and leave it closed over night. Then
    the next day, without starting WLM us the AOL web mail to look at your
    account. IF you find any new messages in the Junk folder there, then
    it's definitely AOL since WLM had no chance to move the messages there.
    Michael Santovec, Dec 9, 2009
  8. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I'm using IMAP connection to AOL. Will try your suggestion Michael. AOL has
    "Spam" folder and "Junk E-Mail" folder. "Junk E-Mail" folder is in "Saved
    on AOL" major folder.
    In AOL mail options, there is only reference to "Spam." No mention of "Junk
    E-Mail." If I try and delete the "Junk E-Mail" folder in AOL, it says the
    folder can't be found.

    I'm thinking that "Junk E-Mail" filter in WLM is not working properly (since
    I told it not to filter) and putting what it considers Junk into its Junk
    E-Mail folder. Then, when it syncs mail, it sends it back to the AOL mail
    server and it gets placed in the AOL folder.

    Another thing, I had "Store special folders on IMAP server checked. I think
    that's something new I did a couple of weeks ago. I now unchecked it to see
    what will happen. After I unchecked it, I could "Hide" the Junk E-Mail
    Folder in WLM.

    Well, I've got a lot going now. I think what I will find is that if I run
    WLM for awhile and then "unhide" the Junk E-Mail filter, I will find a whole
    bunch of things in there.

    Thanks for your help.

    Mike, Dec 10, 2009
  9. Mike

    Mike Guest

    The "problem" was caused by my selecting "Store Special Folders on IMAP
    Server." I took that out and the problem went away - for what reason I don't
    Mike, Dec 10, 2009
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