Can't take Read-only off of folder.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Corey9212, May 30, 2007.

  1. Corey9212

    TufftyBob Guest

    Yes I am. If you read my posting again you will see that I mentioned that
    fact in the third paragraph of my posting.
    TufftyBob, Jul 18, 2007
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  2. Corey9212

    TufftyBob Guest

    Before I forget, why have you put a link in your reply, to what I can only
    assume (whether correctly or incorrectly) is a dodgy website, that might be
    trying to sell 'gold watches'? Or more likely an even dodgier website that
    only CLAIMS to have gold watches for sale, but more likely is just trying to
    take gullible peoples money and give nothing in return? Where I come from
    that sort of behaviour is that is called conspiracy to defraud, gaining money
    by false pretences, or attempted theft!

    I don't think any people reading these questions and responses would
    actually stupid enough to clink on this link, never mind be of the belief
    that you might actually have gold watches or anything else to sell, or even
    really be called 'James Matthews'. If this link goes to a genuinely helpful
    website regarding 'Windows Vista Issues', then it is more than a bit daft
    giving it the name that is has got, isn't it?

    Please note that if you are genuinely called 'James Mathews' , and you are
    not trying to hijack this newsgroup thread in order to do what I have
    described above then you will not have any reason to take any offence at
    anything I have just written above because it won't apply to you. If you are
    actually as described as above then the paragraph below will apply to you.

    This as you should know already is a newsgroup for people who need help with
    technical issues regarding their VISTA CCOMPUTERS and has bugger all to to do
    with trying to buy or sell 'gold watches' or anything else, so why don't you
    just **** off and try your crap on someone else!!
    TufftyBob, Jul 18, 2007
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  3. Corey9212

    stantonl33 Guest

    I also have this exact same problem. My admin/user account has full read/
    write access and when I open up a file from a game to optimize a config file
    and hit save it says, "Access to "file url" was denied." This is very
    irritating. As I bought Vista for direct x 10 for gaming. Some games need
    little tweaks to run smoother and its not letting me do do anything.
    Assistance would be appreciated.

    stantonl33, Dec 16, 2007
  4. Do you right mouse click and "run as administrator"?
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Dec 16, 2007
  5. Corey9212

    stantonl33 Guest

    Hmm I have not, I will try this. Kind of odd that I have to do that when I am
    logged into the administrator account though. I will try it later on after I
    get off of work. Thank you for your response.
    stantonl33, Dec 17, 2007
  6. Corey9212

    stantonl33 Guest

    It must be me but I was unable to find the option to run as administrator
    when right clicking on the files and folders. Am I not clicking on the right
    stantonl33, Dec 20, 2007
  7. Corey9212

    breeto Guest

    You cannot change properties for CREATOR/OWNER because you are not th
    creator of the program and you don't own it (you only own the end use
    licence, not the actual software).
    To fix this problem doesn't matter if you have UAC on or off.
    Right click the folder you want to change go into securty, edit then g
    to your user name and check the modify box
    breeto, Jun 17, 2008
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