Can't update windows and other things - are they connected?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Stumpy, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Stumpy

    Stumpy Guest

    I admit I was running a bent copy of XP so I went legit this week.
    It's been hell - everything worked before, now all the important stuff
    isn't!! Is it karma?

    I have XP Home SP2. Formatted my hard disk and did a fresh install.
    Nothing else added, just the the OS and ran the windows update to get IE7
    etc.. It's gathers the info and I click 'express' and then after a long
    pause 'checking' I get 'the website has encountered a problem and cannot
    display the page you are trying to view.. error 0x80072EE2.
    I did both suggestions: lmhost, trusted sites etc, I even did the assisted
    thing but I still didn't work. I switched off all the security in IE6 and
    switched on all the SSL PCT etc, installed Java but still the same. I get
    network activity for the first 20 secs then nothing until the failed message.

    Right, here's the other weird thing and I reckon the following errors are
    all connected to one thing:

    I cannot SEND emails - I get an 'the connection to the server was
    interupted'. I can receive, however. I connect to my smtp server on the net.

    I cannot access sites that DO certains things - for example, when I tried to
    log in to this newsgroup to post this item, I get, after a long pause, 'the
    page cannot be displayed'.
    When I log on to my email via the webpage and try to attach a file, I get
    the same message. It's like if I access certain TYPES of pages, it fails.

    I cannot sign in to msn with error 80048820 extended 80048439

    I don't use a proxy, I am on a LAN that is connected to a router and out to

    I have a work laptop that, on the same network CAN do a windows update, CAN
    sign in to msn and CAN send emails.

    Remember, there's no 3rd party software on here at all - and just in case
    you are wondering, I have wiped and installed 3 times now.

    Please, I am going mad trying to work out what is wrong. I thought I could
    handle windows up until now...
    Stumpy, Feb 10, 2007
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  2. I, too, have a problem once I click Express to get my windows updates. It
    just keeps scanning and nothing happens. I get this error: 0x80072EFD. I
    still have IE6, does that make a difference? Someone Please Help! - MS - WHY
    KEEP HAVING???!!!
    Loves Football & Nascar, Feb 11, 2007
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