Can't upgrade to Ulyimate although advisor says I can!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Dubai Ed, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Dubai Ed

    Dubai Ed Guest

    I have a home built PC with an Intel 3Ghz Dual core processor, 2GB of ram and
    an Nvidia graphics card with non shared 256Mb or ram with Windows XP SP2. I
    eliminated the progs that the upgrade advisor told me would cause problems
    (Nero and Norton) and also went through the registry to eliminate any mention
    of Nero, Ahead, Symantec or Norton and followed this with a good registry
    clean up utility. A second run of the advisor told me that I could safely
    upgrade to premium ( although I would need a new driver for my Realtec audio
    card) but reccommended Ultimate since I have office XP Pro installed so it
    probably thinks it's a business machine. I have 4 300Gb internal Hard disks
    (2 SATA and 2 IDE) with one having two partitions one for the OS and the
    second for Data and the second HD stores all my progs. The other two HD's
    are used for back-ups and storage since I do a lot of video editing.

    However, whenever I try to ugrade to Ultimate, the upgrade option is greyed
    out and it displays a message on the bottom saying that upograde is not

    I have tried installing Vista on a spare internal hard drive and it installs
    just fine but the easy transfer gizmo doesn't seem to work quite as it should
    so I don't end up with a vista version of what I ran before which ideally is
    what I want.

    Why am I being told I can safely upgrade to Ultimate (the reason I went out
    and bought it) when it doesn't allow me to when I try (and yes, I do try to
    upgrade from inside Windows and not by booting from the DVD). Can anyone
    please help - it's driving me mad and I have wasted so much time trying
    different ways of getting it to work.

    Dubai Ed, Nov 3, 2007
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  2. Dubai Ed

    Dwarf Guest

    Hi Edward,

    For the best results, I would recommend a clean install of Vista. Before you
    do that, you need to make sure that all your data is backed up safely. I
    recommend that you use one of your SATA disks for both Vista and programs
    (these will need to be reinstalled to ensure that they work properly) and
    that you use the other disks for data storage. Once you have safely backed up
    your data, you are ready to install Vista. Follow the instructions in my post
    'Clean Install Windows Vista Using Upgrade Media', also in this newsgroup
    (dated 9/21/2007). Please note that you may have to check the websites of
    some of your programs for updates to enable them to run in Vista. I include
    links for my post, Realtek and Nvidia for convenience.

    Dwarf, Nov 3, 2007
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  3. Dubai Ed

    AJR Guest

    Note "...since I have office XP Pro installed so it
    probably thinks it's a business machine...." has no bearing on Vista
    Ultimate installation.

    Booting from the Vista DVD will not (usually) offer an "uprade" option -
    install Vista from with Windows to upgade.
    AJR, Nov 3, 2007
  4. Dubai Ed

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Any chance you purchased an OEM generic full version? Those do not upgrade,
    they only do a clean install to a formatted disk.
    Rick Rogers, Nov 3, 2007
  5. Dubai Ed

    Dubai Ed Guest

    Hi Dwarf - Thanks for your comprehensive reply - the reason I am avoiding a
    clean install is because I already tried that to a different volume to see if
    the transfer files and settings utility would work properly but it doesn't
    and I end up with a much less than perfect system so that's why I was
    desperately trying to upgrade my existing (and in perfect working order) Win
    XP Pro. And before anyone asks why I should want to upgrade if XP is working
    fine it's because Vista is fabulous for media applications and I do a lot of
    video editing etc.
    Dubai Ed, Nov 4, 2007
  6. Dubai Ed

    Dubai Ed Guest

    Thanks for replying AJR.
    It was the upgrade advisor that suggested upgrading to Ultimate rather than
    Premium and I can only guess it did that on what is essentially a "Home" PC
    is because it found a copy of Office Pro which would normally only be found
    on a business machine.

    As I mentioned in my initial note, I have tried all the installations by
    invoking the Vista installation from WITHIN windows and NOT by booting from
    the DVD.

    Dubai Ed, Nov 4, 2007
  7. Dubai Ed

    Dubai Ed Guest

    Hi Rick - thanks for replying.

    It definitely says "Upgrade" on the box and Bill never lies!

    Just for kicks, I tried it on an XP laptop that I had to hand without
    completing the installation and it definitely offered to either upgrade or
    clean install.

    Back to the drawing board........
    Dubai Ed, Nov 4, 2007
  8. Dubai Ed

    Mick Murphy Guest

    READ ALL of his post!!!!
    He is NOT booting from the DVD!

    I am sick and tired of you dopey idiots only 1/2 reading posts!
    Mick Murphy, Nov 4, 2007
  9. Dubai Ed

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Then there is something installed on that system that is blocking it.
    Perhaps an antivirus or antispyware application?
    Rick Rogers, Nov 4, 2007
  10. Dubai Ed

    Dubai Ed Guest

    Thanks again Rick.

    If there was something blocking the upgrade I would have hoped that the
    upgrade advisor would have spotted it however, I'm going to take your advice
    and go through the system with a fine tooth comb and disbale anything that
    remotely looks as if it could interfere and try again, hoping for the best!
    Dubai Ed, Nov 4, 2007
  11. Dubai Ed

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Here's some tips that will help with the upgrade. It is likely that
    something in 5, 6, 7, or 9 is causing a problem.

    1) Backup your PC.
    2) Back it up again.
    3) Test your backups.

    If you skip the above steps please don't whine that the upgrade trashed all
    your files. Any process that involves this many changes to the file system
    is fraught with danger. If you don't have a full backup of your pc before
    starting the upgrade you are an idiot and shouldn't really have a pc to
    start with :) This may sound harsh but it is reality.

    4) Run the latest version of the Upgrade Advisor and note anything it flags.
    5) Uninstall (not disable) all antivirus, antispyware, firewall, disk
    utility, and system utility programs even if the upgrade advisor doesn't
    mention them. You will need to install Vista compatible versions after the
    upgrade is finished.
    6) Uninstall (not disable) all programs that the upgrade advisor flags as
    possible problems. You will need to install Vista compatible versions after
    the upgrade is finished.
    7) If possible remove all hardware that the upgrade advisor flags as
    8) Make sure you have Vista compatible drivers and software for all your
    hardware devices burned to CD. Don't just look for drivers that the upgrade
    advisor mentioned. If possible have drivers ready for everything.
    9) Physically unplug any external devices like portable hard drives,
    printers, card readers, flash drives, cameras, etc..
    10) Run a chkdsk on all the partitions on all hard drives still connected.
    11) Defrag the system and boot partitions.
    12) Start the Vista upgrade process.
    Kerry Brown, Nov 4, 2007
  12. Dubai Ed

    Dubai Ed Guest

    Hi Kerry,

    I'm 64 years old and have been working with PC's since they were invented
    and have upgraded from DOS right through to every flavour of windows that
    dear old Bill has invented so I could probably teach you a few tricks
    regarding backing up before ugrades but thanks for reminding me anyway - I
    might have forgotten :)

    I did use the word disable in my previous post but I did actually mean
    uninstalled - sorry!

    I have not tried removing the additional USB hard drives or the USB keyboard
    and mouse because I didn't think they would matter but I will try that.

    As I mentioned before, the only problem being highlighted by the upgrade
    advisor is the fact that my Realtech Audio driver will need to be updated
    after I install vista.

    I have removed all anti-anything software and cleaned the registry several
    times and with different cleaners - If I have to remove anything else I might
    as well go for the clean install because there won't be anything useful left
    but I hate being beaten by a b****y piece of software!

    The only firewall I use is in my router so that should not effect the
    upgrade and in any case I have also tried upgrading without an active network

    Haven't tried the defrag or chkdsk but will try that when I have a week to
    spare (1.2Tbytes takes ages!)

    Thanks for the advice.
    Dubai Ed, Nov 4, 2007
  13. Dubai Ed

    Kerry Brown Guest

    USB hard drives could be the problem.
    Kerry Brown, Nov 4, 2007
  14. Dubai Ed

    Dubai Ed Guest

    Thank you everybody for all the helpful replies but I'm afraid that nothing
    worked so I gave up and did a clean install in the end - will I ever be able
    to live this down.....beaten by a piece of software.....:-(

    Dubai Ed, Nov 5, 2007
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