Cant use/sign-in Live Messenger, Error Code is 80040154

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by Kerem Gümrükcü, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    i downloaded and installed the newest Windows Live Suite (2011) and
    everything works, except the Live Messenger. I simply cant sign in into
    the messenger service/servers, but its not a connection problem at all,
    because i checked and made several tests (the Messenger ones Included
    as well), to see whether the servers are available or not. I can contact and
    communicate with the servers (if i use another clients using the same
    but the problem is more in the application itself. I think it cant find/load
    library or component that it needs to start and it simply returns a HR error
    code like "80040154" to show that something failed,...but what. I started
    LM with a profiler and debugger to see what fails, but it trys to load tons
    of libraries who fail to load, so its pretty unclear if its a "probe if i
    can use it
    if its there" load or a "i want to use it and i need it" load. Debugging the
    says on the line where it fails this:

    (1c88.1dbc): Unknown exception - code 0000071a (first chance)

    Then i get the Window with the failure message (see it in the link later).
    Its pretty unclear what fails here so i hope anyone has a suggestion to
    solve this problem. System error code (0000071a) 1818 means "The remote
    procedure call was canceled." This error code may also display as
    "RPC_S_CALL_CANCELLED" or as the value 0x71A. This could be a COM
    component problem (possibly missing/not registred). Any help is highly

    Things like that didnt work:

    Link to the screenshot:

    Thanks in advance



    Beste Grüsse / Best regards / Votre bien devoue
    Kerem Gümrükcü
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    Kerem Gümrükcü, Oct 7, 2010
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