Capturing T.V/analog video with Powerdirector - no video option???

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by juji23, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. juji23

    juji23 Guest

    Thanks to this message board and the green button, I have been able to take
    recorded T.V., edit it and produce a DVD. It was a long difficult process
    and along the way I had to uninstall ArcSoft and Sonic My DVD to get
    Powerdirector to work.

    The problem now is that Powedirector doesn't give me any sort of Video
    capturing options - they're all greyed out. This would seem to indicate that
    it doesn't find a compatible T.V. capture card (the only thing it finds to
    capture is the microphone). Now, I know people here with MCE computers (mine
    is an HP 876x) have used Powerdirector. Have you been able to get analog
    video? How did you get Powerdirector to recognize the card?

    A month ago when I first began thinking about becoming DVD literate, I
    captured some home movies using ArcSoft showbiz - I figured Powerdirector
    would be as easy. Unfortunately Showbiz is gone and won't come back (even
    with a System Restore). Sorry to post so long, but I appreciate the answers
    (I'll post similarly on the green button)

    juji23, Aug 9, 2004
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  2. juji23

    Bob [MVP] Guest

    My HP 873n included an application recovery program, so
    that I can re-install some of the original OEM software
    without having to do a full-blown system reinstallation.

    Check to see if you have something similar. Look under
    the Windows start menu:

    All Programs -> Hewlett Packard -> hp pavillion pc tools
    -> hp application recovery

    If it's not there, look for the following program file,
    and run it if it exists.


    You should be able to reinstall ArcSoft ShowBiz using
    this program.

    Microsoft MVP
    Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Bob [MVP], Aug 9, 2004
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