CD-ROM and DVD-ROM disappeared in device manager with Vista Home P

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by awhatley, May 7, 2007.

  1. awhatley

    awhatley Guest

    For a while I could restart the computer and they would show up. I installed
    Vista Home Premium in January. Now they won't show up at all in Computer or
    Device Manager. The only thing that shows up under Removable Storage Devices
    is the Floppy Disk Drive.

    Please help me find a solution. My next option is to reformat with the
    original XP Home restore disc that came originally with my computer. I don't
    want to throw away the $159 I spent on this OS though.
    awhatley, May 7, 2007
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  2. awhatley

    dean-dean Guest

    dean-dean, May 7, 2007
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  3. awhatley

    awhatley Guest

    Already tried that and still doesn't work.

    Thanks for trying though.
    awhatley, May 7, 2007
  4. awhatley

    alias007 Guest

    I have a similar issue. My sound card will go away as soon as I reboot
    or go to standby. I have to insert or remove a card in one of the PCI
    slots and turn the computer back on for it to get detected again. If I
    reboot or go to standby it goes away again. Then I have to add/remove
    another card for it to get detected again.

    Seems to me that making hardware changes forces Vista to refresh the
    device list and it gets detected.

    I wonder if using something like MagicDisc (free) to just create a
    virtual drive (yes, it shows up in Device Manager) would give Vista the
    jolt it needs. If that works, then at least there'd be a software work

    Also (if it works) it'd be nice to find a command line app similar to
    magicdisc where you can script a drive to go away and come back. Then
    you could set the script to run every time you come out of standby or on

    I'm not near my media center to test this, but it's a thought anyway.
    If you get a chance to look at this, post back your results! :)

    alias007, May 9, 2008
  5. This is NOT a "common" problem. Most others do not have this problem.
    Perhaps you might install the latest drivers for that particular card.
    If that doesn't work, then REPLACE the card with one which IS
    That is correct, AFIK. Additionally, making hw changes also forces
    Vista to revisit your Activation record.
    What does a "virtual drive" have to do with a faulty audio card?
    Additionally WHY use "software workarounds" in the first place? Why
    not just use a Vista-compatible sound card, along with a
    Vista-compatible driver for the card? Heck, man! There are a
    plethora of Vista-compatible sound cards, and they are usually
    very-reasonably priced, comparatively.

    Why use a "software fix" to fix a hardware problem?
    That's much like using Duct Tape to stop a high-pressure steam-leak.
    It will usually work for awhile, but eventually, the steam will
    overcome the strength of the glue on the tape, and you will wind up
    having a WORSE problem on your hands.

    Donald L McDaniel
    Please reply to the correct thread and article.
    Donald L McDaniel, May 9, 2008
  6. awhatley

    alias007 Guest

    There are much nicer ways to reply to a person's posts. Please don't b

    I didn't mean to imply that this was a common problem. However, man
    people are having issues with their sound card. Microsoft totall
    revamped the audio layer of their software and so that's wh
    manufacturers are struggling to get revision after revision of driver
    out for their audio cards. So far, the latest drivers for mine don'
    seem to work. However, the same card works in XP. My card is labele
    "Vista compatible" (not capable) so I'm hopeful that in time a ne
    revision of their driver will be what I'm waiting on

    As for activation records, I've already activated windows. So I'm no
    getting any nuisance screens
    It's not faulty. It works in another machine. I only mention addin
    and then removing a virtual drive to force Vista to go back through th
    hardware list and possibly find the audio card
    Because I'm waiting until either the drivers catch up to Vista o
    Microsoft releases a patch that gets these audio cards working. Tha
    being said, I still catch myself doing a google search for audio card
    that are Vista compatible *and* have good reviews. If I find one, I'l
    buy it
    I have no trouble spending $100 on a card if it'll work. But I'm no
    seeing enough reviews out there or at least the cards that do hav
    reviews say that they're not compatible with Vista as advertised. Thi
    is not the 'compatible vs capable' issue, by the way. That being said
    please prove me wrong. Point a card out to me that totally proves m
    wrong and I WILL buy it

    I'd like an example on the duct tape analogy. This is just a refres
    of devices. As long as it works once, it should work again. I don'
    see how this could not be the case, but I'm open-minded. I may have 1
    years experience but I'd be a fool to think I've seen it all

    Granted, the workaround I suggested isn't the optimal solution. Th
    optimal solution would be for Microsoft to keep devices from bein
    dropped after standby/reboot. But I'm basing my suggestion on the hop
    that Microsoft will issue a windows update that will fix this or if i
    is in fact the fault of the driver, that the manufacturer will offer
    revision that works. All I wanted was to offer the original poster
    backup plan. So that no matter what, there's at least 1 possibility.
    Untested in all it's theoretical (and smelly) glory

    To get back to the main topic. The original poster had a drive tha
    was showing up in device manager in Vista but eventually was perpetuall
    dropped. I'm having the same issue with a totally different device tha
    is handled through a different section of code in the OS. This leads m
    to believe that it's not a driver issue and since my card works in X
    and his device worked before he upgraded to Vista and both worked a
    least once in Vista that the issue isn't the device, but Vista.
    Assuming that this could possibly happen with any device, some of whic
    would be to expensive to just replace (Bluray rewriteable - just off th
    top of my head), I decided to offer my workaround as a suggestion. I
    might not even work! But at least I tried

    And if it does work, it's at least something to hold you over until th
    core issue is resolved

    No more anologies please. They hurt my head. :-
    alias007, May 12, 2008
  7. I really don't understand why you think my reply was "rude". It was
    right to the point, and corrected your misconceptions. IF I felt like
    being "rude", I would have used much stronger language. Don't believe
    me? Read some of my other thousands of replies in varios Newsgroups
    and Forums. You haven't seen "rude" yet.

    Anyway, I do apologize for what you thought was "rudeness". Of
    course, I have no control over your thoughts and feelings, do I?

    IF you want to keep using the Usenet, you are going to have to grow a
    thicker skin, friend. I'm usually a nice person, and do have the
    user's best interests at heart. Many others don't.
    The fact is, these OEMs have had over a YEAR and a half to produce
    drivers for their cards which work well in Vista. They either don't
    want to spend the money it takes to develop for Vista, or they are not
    technically capable of doing so. Talk to them, not Microsoft.
    IN the mean time, please do not blame Microsoft for the manufacturer's
    obvious lack of care for their customers.

    Just spend the $49 for a decent card for Vista, and you won't have any
    more problems (at tleast in this area).
    Sorry, friend, but if you are waiting for Microsoft, you are going to
    have to wait a long, long time, since Microsoft simply doesn't do
    that, it being the OEM's responsibility, not Microsoft's.
    Well, the sound circuity on my motherboard works perfectly. Not a
    problem seen yet.
    This is just not possible IF the driver (NOT WRITTEN by MICROSOFT, by
    the way) is faulty. Again, it is NOT Microsoft's responsibility to
    make sure EVERY DRIVER in the world works as it should: It is the
    Microsoft NEVER supplies such "updates" for OEM devices, unless they
    work with Microsoft to issue a newer driver.
    Actually, these "workarounds" have been tried before, with better or
    worse results. The BEST "workaround" is to make sure your ENTIRE
    computer is capable of using your Microsoft OS correctly BEFORE buying

    BTW, you can hardly ever go wrong by buying motherboards, etc from
    Intel. I've never had problems with Intel motherboards and the
    devices attached to them.

    Via, yes. Intel, never.

    Keep on assuming that it is Microsoft's fault. See where that gets

    The fact is, Microsoft CHANGED the Driver frameworks for printers,
    video, and audio devices. That the OEM's failed to change their OWN
    drivers is THEIR fault, not Microsoft's. As I said, they've had over
    a year and a half to fix their devices and drivers. They have NO ONE
    to blame but themselves. By the way, releasing a driver "fix" for a
    device which is not really capable of being used productively in Vista
    is idiotic, and "cheap", and only shows their obvious non-concern for
    their customers.
    I just can't believe this: We spend thousands of dollars to buy our
    machines, then blame Microsoft when one of the $50 devices the
    manufacturers put in them is useless in Vista.
    I can see why, friend.
    I will try to stay away from "anologies" (Sic) with you from now on.

    Donald L McDaniel
    Please reply to the correct thread and article.
    Donald L McDaniel, May 12, 2008
  8. awhatley

    alias007 Guest

    No, you're rude. But I respect your opinion so keep offering it. Even
    though it's not in a manor I prefer. And yes, I do have a thick skin.
    But let's stick to the subject.

    I'm not blaming Microsoft. I clearly said before that it could be
    their fault, or the OEM's. I don't care who. But what I said was NOT
    that the Microsoft needs new drivers. I said that IF it's Microsoft's
    fault then it's with the way it handles the list of devices on the
    system. I can get the sound card to work. But if I reboot Vista
    forgets it's there. This doesn't happen on my XP box.

    I did make sure that all devices were Vista compatible.

    Glad to hear the positive feedback on the Intel motherboards. I'll put
    that on the bottom of the list of things to investigate for now.

    Analogies only hurt my head when they come from you, by the way. You
    make the analogy but fail to offer a technical explanation. I'm still
    waiting on the technical explanation for your duct tape analogy.

    I don't usually post in a rude manor, but I'll play your silly mind
    games. It's kind of fun in a Fight Club sort of way! That being said,
    take the gloves off and keep being rude. I'm enjoying this! lol
    alias007, May 12, 2008
  9. awhatley

    alias007 Guest

    I reread your original reply and didn't find you to be quite so rude a
    I did the first time I read it. In fact, had I read your post better
    would not have made the 'rude' comment at all. But since I said it
    I'll explain why I found your comments rude. And then I'll apologize

    A) Of course I've already thought of that. Who wouldn't
    B) I suppose I misinterpretted your use of ALL CAPS
    C) I apologize
    A) In this case, I think you should have read my post more carefully.
    The virtual drive workaround was so that awhatley could get his devic
    working in Vista, which had been working before the Vista upgrade
    B) Sentences in the 'What does ____ have to do with ____" format i
    generally intended to be rude. I suppose I misinterpretted you here a
    C) I apologize
    A) I misread this. I had Vista compatibility in my head since you ha
    mentioned that a couple of times and so by the time I got to thi
    analogy I had actually read the question as "Why use a software fix t
    fix a compatibility issue"
    B) You made perfect sense in your analogy.
    C) I apologize
    alias007, May 13, 2008
  10. Maybe, maybe not. I did think that the suggested "fix" was
    irrational, so it's possible that my inward feeling came out in my
    I did understand what you were saying. I just thought that it was a
    poor way for "fixing" the issue.

    To me, "fix" means just that: It "FIXES" the problem, not "...covers
    it over until the next time it needs to be 'fixed'..." (i.e., "a
    permanent solution" = "a fix".)

    Only the OEM can create this "permanent solution", since only they own
    the rights to their driver code. And sometimes, there is just no
    fixing it. Especially if the device and its driver were never
    intended for the OS the user is attempting to install them on in the
    first place.

    Obviouly, the BEST "fix" for a faulty (or, in this case, incompatible)
    device is to REMOVE the sucker and replace it with one which is not
    faulty or incompatible. Only the user can apply this "fix".

    If you got that impression, I used a poor choice of words in my

    The fact is, Microsoft is NOT responsible for making sure each and
    every piece of hardware is "compatible" with its current OS. The OEMs

    There is no "compatibility problem" with Vista. There is an "OEM
    device/driver problem." The OEMS had well over a year to get driver
    fixes in. IF their devices are STILL "incompatible" with Vista, it is
    THEIR fault, not Microsoft's. IF they would STOP advertising their
    devices as "Vista compatible", when they KNOW they aren't, fewer would
    purchase them for Vista use.

    Too bad the US destroyed all its "truth-in-advertising" laws in the
    last 10 or 20 years.
    I must apologize also, my friend, since I do use "all-caps" to
    emphasize my thoughts much too often.

    I've never been moved by the "conventions" of the Usenet. Since they
    are not "rules", why follow them if you don't like them for one reason
    or another?

    "All caps=Yelling" is actually a ridiculous convention, since many who
    post to the Usenet are "nubies", and don't know about ANY conventions.
    When someone bitches at them because they used all-caps, they start to
    think that the "convention" is actually a "Rule", so they start
    repeating the hateful and hurtful behavior of all the others, and the
    sickness just continues and gets worse. I am attempting to stop that
    hateful (and completely unnecessary) behavior.

    This "convention" (and others like it) would not be "necessary" if
    HTML were the norm for the Usenet. Why? because one could then use
    standard English grammar and punctuation methods, such as underlining,
    bolding, and italics. While this is possible IF one has a client
    which allows such punctuation, it is generally not possible, since for
    some reason, the Usenet HATES HTML, and the developers have adopted
    this attitude toward HTML also.

    While it was reasonable 20 years ago to not use HTML, when everyone
    was using dial-up connections, it is completely un-reasonable today,
    with most machines having high-speed connections. Maybe the USENET
    should upgrade its servers to allow our modern machines and

    Additionally, sometimes, it is "truly necessary" to be "rude" (as you
    call it). One can't always tell someone what he wants to hear,
    especially if he is dead-wrong.

    Politeness is good. "Deception" is not.

    There are always many ways to accomplish the same thing. Insisting
    that everyone do it "YOUR" way (not referring to "you", alias2007,
    BTW) only leads to more ignorance and hatred.

    We need more "choices", not "more hatefullness".

    Donald L McDaniel
    Please reply to the correct thread and article.
    Donald L McDaniel, May 15, 2008
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