Certificate for OWA Password Change over ISA Server

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Tobias, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Tobias

    Tobias Guest

    Hello NG,
    I want to use the OWA Password Change with Exchange 2007 over ISA Server
    2006. I have got an AD integrated Server 2008 R2 PKI. The password change
    between ISA and the DC of my domain works over Secure LDAP.

    I need a certificate for the LDAP Server (Microsoft 2008R2 DC).

    What kind of certificate do I need? Is it a Domaincontroller certificate?

    I dont want to enroll certificates for all my DCs by GPO with automatic
    distribution of the certificates and I dont have the certsrv Website
    installed on my Microsoft PKI.

    What kind of certificate do I need?
    What is to do to get a certificate on the DC?

    Best Regards

    Tobias, Jun 14, 2012
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