CFS3 Multiplayer Vista - Aircraft Mismatch Error?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by weirdmm, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. weirdmm

    weirdmm Guest


    Just installed Vista ultimate 32 and all is well appart from Combat Flight
    Sim 3 multiplayer. When I try to join a multiplayer I get an error...."You do
    not have the same set of aircraft used on this server. You will not be able
    to play on this server. Mismatched aircraft b_29..............etc etc"

    Its one of 2 things...Either whilst I was installing Vista the rest of the
    world installed a new set of aircraft....OR....Vista is causing the problem.

    Any ideas?....does Vista modify the files on installation so they dont match
    XP files?

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....its my fave game!!!!!!
    weirdmm, Apr 10, 2007
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  2. weirdmm

    Imori Guest

    I am not familiar with this game. So this is about all I can offer. Is there
    a patch you could install for Vista? And if not, then you might be able to
    copy the files off an XP (which I dont support, as I believe it could be
    illegal) and put them in your game's folder.

    Best of luck.
    Imori, Apr 11, 2007
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  3. Hi!, I also just upgraded my computer and now have vista, I am
    having the exact issue you are too and I am a long time veteran of the
    cfs3 sim. I am a member of com-cental.... and even some of the pro's cant
    help me with this yet. I haven't put alot of effort into
    investigating this yet but hopefully someone can find the cure to this
    Another thing I noticed was trying to install some addon mods and
    this one file in particular would not install, it kept giving me an

    On the battlefront I am part of the JG300 wild sau's fighter gruppe
    and otherwise known as JG300-Hoppa. I'm sure we have crossed paths
    in past and if so hopefully we will meet again there. please let me
    know if you get this figured out and or even post thread in com-cental
    in our cfs3 forum.

    Yungwasshoppa, May 4, 2007
  4. weirdmm

    weirdmm Guest

    Im relieved someone else has the same problem. Starting to think I was going
    a little insane. Thanks for your reply. I will keep trying to find a solution
    and will post it if one appears.
    I have tried everything I can think of but every now and then another idea
    crosses my mind so I wont give up on it yet. Microsoft themselves couldnt
    answer the question. Seems weird when they wrote both pieces of software.
    Got fs2004 out of the cupboard for now but its not as much fun. I hope a
    solution arrives soon.
    Thanks again for your response.

    weirdmm, May 4, 2007
  5. weirdmm

    Digger54 Guest

    Same problem as described but with Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

    I also get the message that "Your game's version is incompatible with
    the server's version (protocol mismatch)" sometimes. I'll post fix if
    I find one.
    Digger54, May 28, 2007
  6. weirdmm

    Digger54 Guest

    Have we heard of any other games having multiplayer problems after a
    user changes to Vista? Game creators need to put some pressure on
    Microsoft to find a fix.

    Multiplayer Flight Simulator X works just fine, btw.

    How about CFS3 on a LAN -- same problems there? I'd be curious to see
    what some of you LAN players could discover.

    I had only started trying out online play of CFS3 on my XP Pro Machine
    just before upgrading to a new computer and Vista. It was a lot of fun
    and the other players loved me because I was an easy target.

    Now I've got this heavy duty hardware and can't play CFS3
    Digger54, May 29, 2007
  7. weirdmm

    tomespo Guest

    Unfountunately I have the some mismactched aircraft error if I try to
    connect to any mutliplyer CFS3 game. No help at all from Mircosoft. If
    anyone finds a fix please post one. Thanks
    tomespo, Jun 1, 2007
  8. weirdmm

    andrew.d Guest

    I have the same problem but im running xp... its starting to annoy me
    cos i couldplay it on my pc but now i cant play it on my labtop :( im
    not hapy
    andrew.d, Jun 20, 2007
  9. weirdmm

    weirdmm Guest

    I got round the problem in XP by installing all the 3.1
    patch etc. If you have no 'designer' aircraft and are running the ones that
    came with the game it should work.
    Vista is somehow different tho. Still trying to install, run, and play
    online but still not having any of it! Im starting to wonder if directx could
    be anything to do with it. Version 11 is exclusive to Vista so it
    seems......the plot thickens............
    weirdmm, Jun 23, 2007
  10. weirdmm

    arturot Guest

    Does anyone knows if 2 computers with vista can play CFS3 multiplayer
    without geting the mismatch error ?.... Is microsoft doing something
    about this problem with xp and vista ? I have try almost everything and
    until now nothitg worked this problem out !!
    arturot, Oct 3, 2008
  11. Has anyone found a fix for this? Hubby and I have been away from th
    game for a year. I upgraded to VISTA recently and we decided to get bac
    into the game only to find that there is a problem with VIST
    recognizing CFS3. I tried copying the XP files as someone suggested, bu
    it doesn't make any difference. It appears that VISTA is reading what i
    wants to read. The XP files, when copied onto the VISTA computer change
    Setting the game on the VISTA comp to be compatible with XP SP2 an
    running the program as an Administrator doesn't work either. Anothe
    issue... Is CFS3 still running online? Hubby and I tried to register t
    play on line hoping this might resolve the problem and we get an erro
    message stating that we are not connected to the internet. That's no
    the case as other internet programs and running. You
    comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated
    LadyKnightHawk48, Jan 12, 2009
  12. weirdmm

    gandi Guest

    The problem with the mismatch and Vista is caused by Vista, nobody i
    quite sure why just that up until very recently online CFS3 with Vist
    was a no no. A solution has been found I believe, but it relies on yo
    having a copy of Over Flanders Fields(OFF) the WWI conversion for CFS3
    This mod DOES work online and by running OFF once having selecte
    multiplayer and then exiting you can then copy the program SHELL.EX
    from the OFF folder on your computer and place this in you CFS3 folder
    By running SHELL.EXE as an administrator and with XP compatablility fro
    the CFS3 folder you should then be able to play online. (SHELL.EXE is
    renamed and it would seem slightly altered version of the CFS3.EXE tha
    your desktop icon currently calls

    For a better description you need to visit the Sim-Outhouse forums (an
    to request a copy of OFF if you haven't already got it- it's onl
    available by DVD swap)...I can't give the URL at the moment as the sit
    is down for software upgrade, but Google should find it for you

    As for the question is CFS3 still running online, most definitely YE
    but not via the MS gamematch server which was withdrawn without warnin
    by MS last Xmas......the only current options are direct IP to IP or vi
    GameRanger....there's loads more detail at Sim-Outhouse than I coul
    type here as well as plenty of details on the various modifications tha
    change CFS3 from the rather poor out of the box game to a top fligh


    gandi, Jan 12, 2009
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