Sometimes when you install new hardware or remore a hard drive, the drive letters can get out of sync. For example, if you added a new hard drive on a system with an existing hard disk (C) and DVD drive (D) then the new hard drive letter would be E. If you wanted to change this letter to D and make the DVD drive E (swapping them) then you should follow the instructions in this guide.

First, load the Computer Management tool by running compmgmt.msc from the run menu (Press WINDOWS KEY + R to load this):


Then click on Disk Management on the left hand menu to bring up a selection of your current drives:


Right click on the drive that you wish to change the letter of, and select Change Drive Letter and Paths:


Click Change on this screen to select a new drive letter:


Now, choose a new drive letter for your device and click OK:


If you want to swap drive letters around, you'll have to rename one of the drives to a 3rd temporary letter to create space in the letter allocation.
Ian, Mar 10, 2008