Change the thumbnail icon for a video in my library

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by ozegirl, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. ozegirl

    ozegirl Guest

    When I add a video to my library, it automatically selects some scene from
    the video as the thumbnail icon. How can I pick the scene I want as the
    thumbnail or in fact can I make a custom icon as per with songs album art can
    be custom-made?
    ozegirl, Apr 19, 2009
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  2. ozegirl

    mao Guest

    I've trying to do the same you are asking. No luck so far.

    There is a thread that says that WMP uses the first frame of each movie for
    creating its thumbnail, but I disagree. I am using WMP11 and it uses a movie
    frame as thumbnail but this frames is not the first one.

    I would like to use a JPEG image as thumbnail. In Xbox 360 I just drop in
    the movie folder a JPG with the exact same name as the movie and voilá!

    AS soon as I find a solution I let you know thru this thread. Please let me
    know if you find a solution.

    Thanks, mao.
    mao, Apr 26, 2009
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  3. ozegirl

    ozegirl Guest

    Thanks for your response and yes I agree - it doesn't take the first scene.
    In my case it has chosen as the icon a scene that I didn't want - not
    important for the icon per se but when you go to show the movie to people
    this is what appears on the screen first prior to starting the movie.

    If it was the first scene of the movie then you could just put in what you
    wanted for the icon as the first scene.

    I have a feeling that it can't be done. There is no reference to it anywhere
    but there is on how to do it with album art for songs, so the absence of
    instruction and the absence of any buttons in the program with that option
    suggests to me that it can't be done :-(

    Will let you know if I find out anything for sure.
    ozegirl, Apr 26, 2009
  4. ozegirl

    ozegirl Guest

    Actually I should clarify that the icon in the folder on my computer is the
    first scene from the movie, but when I add it to the WMP library that's where
    for some strange reason it changes to anther scene. I intend to play this
    movie on our playstation/large screen TV and the whole impact of the movie is
    lost if they see the scene that is being put up for display before the movie
    ozegirl, Apr 26, 2009
  5. ozegirl

    mao Guest

    Warning: Something happened and when I noticed, this message was too long.

    I reviewed what you mentioned about the folder thumbnail before add the
    files to WMP library. That is right, WMP changes the first frame thumbnail.

    If you want to see your movies thru your Pc, I have not found a way to
    change the Thumbnails, but there is another method that seems you are using.

    You may want to see your movies in your Large TV thru your PS. In this case
    you could try what I do with my Xbox 360. (I am not sure if it will work on

    1. I store all my movie files in a External Hard Drive (USB port).
    2. I hooked this HDrive to my PC.
    3. I have my PC and Xbox in the same network.
    4. I share my WMP library with Xbox360.
    5. Then I access my movie files from Xbox360 and watch them in my 42" LCD TV.
    At this point the thumbnails in my Xbox 360 are retrieved from WMP, which I
    didn't like and brought me here in first place.

    1. Instead of streaming my movie files from my PC to Xbox360.
    2. I hooked the External Hdrive directly to my Xbox360 Usb port.
    3. I googled all the movie poster's images that matched the movies I own.
    4. I save these images in the same folder where the movies are located using
    the very same name to the corresponding movie, but JPG extension.
    5. Then I looked for the movie folder in Xbox 360 and showed me the movie
    list using the movie poster as thumbnail with a bigger image of the movie
    selected. Pretty nice.

    - If you want to go further (nicer), like I did.
    I embedded each movie poster image in a "Theater like" Poster Display image
    (that I googled), and saved them together as an image. Then when you scroll
    thru the movie list in the Xbox360 it looks like the poster display is fixed
    and the movie poster is changing in it. Looks terrific !!!

    The inconvenience (for me). Since I have more that Movies in the External
    HDrive I have to hook it back and forth between my PC and the Xbox360. I am
    thinking in buy another External Hdrive for movies only and hook it to the
    xbox360 for good.

    Meanwhile I will continue looking for a solution to the WMP thumbnails.

    Sorry for the long message, I should start thinking about creating my own
    blog. :p

    I you want to see what I did, let me know to my email and I will send you
    back some samples and the sources that I used.

    - - - - - - - -
    mao, Apr 27, 2009
  6. ozegirl


    Mar 7, 2011
    Likes Received:
    This works

    I tried TagScanner and it worked fine

    you can get it from
    Caseyla, Mar 7, 2011
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