Changed name of Administrator Account - now daily user - is that a problem?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by tommyh1958, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. tommyh1958

    tommyh1958 Guest


    Last weekend I was setting up our new computer (Intel E8600, Asus P5k,
    4GB RAM etc) with Vista Home Premium (64-bit) SP1. I set up user
    accounts for the family, installed a few programmes & updates,
    transferred some files etc etc. I had some difficulty networking with my
    Windows XP computer which got me exploring the new Vista set-up.

    What I appear to have done is, instead of setting up a new account for
    myself on Vista, I seem to have re-named the Administrator Account as
    “Tom”. The logon screen has Tom as a user (no Administrator). When
    logged in as Tom, if I save a file in Documents and then open Documents
    using Orb > Documents it is there. However, if I open up Windows
    Explorer > Users then there is both Administrator & Tom and the file is
    in the Administrator > Documents and Tom > Documents is actually empty.
    As another example, if I check the pathway to my e-mail folders they are
    in Users > Administrator > AppData….

    So I seem to be using the Administrator Account as my routine user
    logon. My question is – is this a problem? Things seem to be working all
    right – I even managed to access my User shared files (rather than just
    the Public folders) on the Vista from the XP computer with user name
    Administrator + my “Tom” password (pure guesswork)?! Seeing some of the
    other posts about having to access the hidden Administrator account I
    wonder whether it might be quite useful?

    The other question is, if it is a problem, how do I change it? In
    Control panel > Users > Tom it will not re-name to Administrator as that
    account already exists, there is no option to ‘delete user’ (I guess
    because it is the Administrator account?). If I go into the side-link
    for advanced user configuration there is both the \Administrator\ and
    the \Tom\ profile with a ‘delete’ option – could I delete Tom & then
    create a normal account allowing the Administrator to become hidden?

    The only way I have seen on the forum to change the Administrator
    account name back to Administrator is to do a restore – this would be a
    pain as I would have to go back a week & start all over again (the kids
    would be cross). I think my default is ‘if it ain’t broke – don’t fix
    it’ but I don’t want to be heading for a catastrophe – and if I need to
    do a restore I need to do it before the timepoint drops out of the

    Thanks for your thoughts,

    Cheers, T.
    tommyh1958, Nov 28, 2008
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  2. tommyh1958

    Shachar2 Guest

    Hi Tom

    It might be in a microsoft knowladgebase, it's valid for XP too:
    'when you change a user account name the folder name isn't changed'
    so the administrator account that you renamed to tom is using the
    administrator folder

    the other administrator account that you created isn't using the same
    administrator folder, it can't. it's using some other name could be
    administrator001 or something similer

    you might have the option but you can't delete the built in administrator
    account (even if you renamed it and "created" a similer username). delete the
    administrator account that you created then rename tom back to administrator

    that should restore things back to default
    Shachar2, Dec 7, 2008
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