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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Jambled, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Jambled

    Jambled Guest

    I recently upgraded to a 2nd hand vista machine, and I can't get rid of the
    original username on here.
    I've gone to account settings, user profiles and changed everything I can
    find (the name of the computer, the account name etc) but can not get the
    name to change ie. the login is Jo, the user account name is Jo, the computer
    is called Jo's computer, even C:/ drive is called Jo but the main folder
    (Computer/C:/Users/Benny). There is no way to just click on this folder and
    rename it, although the secondary login can be renamed by doing this.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Where does one go to get their own name on
    the Users folder?
    Jambled, Sep 10, 2007
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  2. Jambled

    P. Di Stolfo Guest


    yes, the user name folder is not to rename. So, I'd make a temporary folder
    outside the user's folder, copy everything what is needed there and delete
    the user, create a new user, copying the personal files into the newly
    created user's folder. I don't think there's another solution.

    P. Di Stolfo
    P. Di Stolfo, Sep 10, 2007
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