Changing between express and non-express installation files

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by Dan Locks, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Dan Locks

    Dan Locks Guest

    What is the behavior of WSUS when changing between these two methods of
    installing, both for enabling and for disabling express installation files.
    To be more exact I want to know A: What happens to the files already
    downloaded, B: Whether it triggers full download of all updates, and C: Are
    the old style of updates available during the download of the new files?

    Dan Locks, Aug 16, 2005
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  2. The behavior changes according to the option selected at the time the client
    detects and downloads the update.

    (A) Files already downloaded to the WSUS server are kept in the content
    store. Files already downloaded to the client are used to install the

    (B) I'm not understanding this question.

    (C) The "old style" of updates are always available when Express updates are
    enabled, but Express updates are given preference when available. Not all
    updates support Express updates.
    Lawrence Garvin, Aug 17, 2005
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  3. Dan Locks

    Dan Locks Guest

    Thanks a lot!

    I think the answer to questions (A) and (C) gave me enough information to
    answer question (B), but let me explain what I think happens and you can tell
    me if I'm right. Let's say you've selected to download non-express updates
    and have fully syncronized all updates. When you change the server option to
    download express updates, WSUS keeps all the non-express updates, and
    downloads express updates whenever they are available.

    Alternatively, let's say you've fully syncronized express updates (with a
    few non-express updates where express were not available) and you switch the
    server option download non-express updates. In this case, the express
    updates are kept and distributed where applicable, and non-express updates
    are *not* downloaded for existing updates. New updates are of course
    downloaded non-express.

    So, switching from non-express to express triggers a download of existing
    patches, and switching from express to non-express does not.

    On a side note, do you know if this information was in some of the WSUS
    documentation somewhere and I missed it? (WSUS step by step, Deploying
    Microsoft WSUS, WSUS operations guide). Or perhaps there's more
    documentation or a white paper that spells out WSUS options in this sort of

    Thanks again,

    Dan Locks, Aug 17, 2005
  4. I believe that WSUS will only download the "express" updates subsequent to
    the enabling of the option for updates approved after the enabling of the
    option. If this is the case, you should be able to download the previously
    approved "express" content by executing 'wsusutil reset', which will resync
    all existing content according to the approval statuses recorded in the
    metadata at that moment.
    This is correct, as I understand the process. In general, with WSUS, changes
    are effective "from here forward", but never impact any events already
    in-progress or completed.
    I think that switching from non-express to express will not trigger the
    download of "express" content for already approved patches, but rather will
    only enable download of "express" content for subsequently approved patches.
    The fix, as noted above, would be to run 'wsusutil reset', which will force
    the refresh of any missing content -- including "express" content if that
    option is now enabled.
    No.. the current documentation on "express" updates and how they work, as
    well as some of the intimate details of how the WSUS server behaves in
    response to options settings are still waiting to be written. A lot of that
    information has been discovered through the testing and exploring phase, as
    a result of the efforts of several beta/RC testers. Some of the results have
    been "re-posted" into this group as a result of subsequent discussions;
    however, some of that information is still buried in the archives of the
    beta newsgroup.

    Since the beta was a public beta, and NDAs did not apply, I believe I'm free
    to "consolidate" that useful not-yet-published information from the beta
    newsgroup, and I'm working on doing just that. But the good news is that by
    now, it's a very short list, as almost all of those early discoveries and
    experiences were either fixed in the RTM code, or have been revisited in the
    past three months via this newsgroup.

    My best suggestion to everybody wanting to learn more about WSUS is to set
    up Outlook Express, and subscribe to this newsgroup. Set the options in
    Tools>Options>Read>News to uncheck the number of headers to obtain at one
    time, set the synchronization options to "All Messages", and then download
    all 5500+ messages posted since 6/18 -- and enjoy the reading. There is a
    /lot/ of good stuff in the threads contained in this newsgroup.
    Lawrence Garvin, Aug 17, 2005
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