Changing drive icons/labels for multi-card readers in My Computer

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Dom, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Dom

    Dom Guest

    I recently added a multi-card reader to my desktop running Vista Premium. Now
    in My Computer, I have 4 drive letters, and each is labeled as "Removable
    Drive". I've been experimenting trying to get them to show up with an icon
    that corresponds to the type of card that particular drive reads. Now I'm no
    whiz, but so far what I've been able to figure out is this:

    If I use the registry and navigate to:'
    HK_LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\explorer
    and then add a new Key called "DriveIcons" I can add new Keys under that for
    each Drive to specify the icon and label. So what I have is:


    In each of those, I'm able to specify a label and an icon to show up in My
    Computer. Most people would be happy, but I found out that there's a way to
    make the drive show two different icons, one icon when a card is inserted,
    and a different when no card is inserted. I found this out by downloading a
    driver package for a different brand of card reader and opening the .inf file
    in Notepad.

    The thing is, i can't figure out how to do this with my card reader.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and what I can do to make it work?
    Dom, Jan 14, 2008
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  2. Dom

    wazza Guest

    Hi i have some good news for people who want to change there vista
    boring cardresders ICONS. i was messing around with my vista 32 bit not
    64 bit and my usb cardreaders. going to other manufacture website and
    downloading there drivers for my cardreadersto see if they will work. I
    came across SWEEX web site where i downloaded there vista drivers and
    install them on my computer after i reboot my computer. And it was fully
    loading up to my surprise i have a set of lovely icons for cardreaders
    in computer. I put a memory card in the cardreaders change icons from a
    grey out icon to a color icon. i allso tried a set of akasa all in one
    with serial ATA and fan contoller which have the blue LCD face and that
    all so work with the drivers. I grest that those drivers can work lots
    of other cardreaders out there.

    good luck guys
    wazza, Apr 2, 2008
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