Changing From Dual NIC to Single NIC & RRAS VPN Conflict-Tip

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by techieg, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. techieg

    techieg Guest

    I just decided to share my experience on this issue with the community in
    hopes of helping anyone who may be in the same dilemma or perhaps be a
    reference for me down the line if I do forget, which I doubt since this issue
    put me under so much pressure for the good part of a whole full working day
    on a Monday in the middle of the client's business crunch season for that

    My SBS 2003 Premium R2 (sitting behind a Sonicwall Pro 1260) that was
    originally set up with dual NICS needed to be changed to a single NIC server
    because we needed to use the Sonicwall for site-to-site VPN with a branch
    office rather than the current Windows RRAS VPN. After successfully
    re-configuring from dual NICs to a single NIC using the Local Area Connection
    NIC, remote users could not get to the server. Then I changed to using the
    the Internet Connection NIC, which is the other NIC, then this caused local
    users to lose connection to the server but remote users could connect. I
    troubleshot to no avail until I had to call MS support, they troubleshot for
    hours too while acknowledging that the network configuration seems fine and
    there was no idea why the issue exists then escalated to the next level of
    support. At this point after checking to see that all was fine, MS level 2
    support first moved the setup back to the Local Area Connection NIC
    (recommended for single NIC configuration) then completely disabled the
    Windows VPN configuration from the server. Lo and behold, this was the
    problem all along; even though the SBS had been re-configured from dual NICs
    to a single NIC, the previous RRAS VPN configuration still locked each NIC
    into their previous state of one NIC for WAN and the other for LAN.
    Completely removing the previous RRAS VPN configuration released each NIC
    from the lock and now both remote and local users can get to the single NIC
    server without issue and the site-to-site VPN is at full throttle (with dual
    WAN on each end----SWEET)! The RRAS VPN was recreated to still accommodate
    users outside of the site-to-site VPN offices. Now with a single NIC,
    authentication seems to work better than it did.
    techieg, Sep 16, 2009
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