Changing Zap2it's ATSC Channel selection in MCE05

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by HeinePaul, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. HeinePaul

    HeinePaul Guest

    I've finally gotten MCE05 to see my FusionIII-T ATSC card. The card's own
    software easily finds the QAM256 unencrypted ATSC signals produced by my
    cable company. However, when the MCE Guide from Zap2it pulls a cable channel
    lineup, the channel assignments are incorrect. I've been to the Zap2It
    website, and they don't even show any ATSC signals, OTA or cable. (I've
    emailed them, but I don't expect an answer.)

    When MCE scans the channels given to it by Zap2It, it can't find anything,
    meaning I can't use the Fusion card within MCE05. Is there a way to
    over-ride the Guide's suggested tuning channel? I know you can change which
    channel description appears on a given frequency.. what about the other way
    HeinePaul, Nov 26, 2004
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  2. The ATSC portion of the guide comes from the FCC.

    Also, the channel assignments will be in the 1000+ range in the guide. I
    forgot off the top of my head how the channel number is set to the ATSC

    Andy Vanosdale
    Microsoft MVP - Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Microsoft Student Ambassador - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
    Microsoft Associate Expert
    Expert Zone -
    Andy Vanosdale [MCE MVP], Nov 27, 2004
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  3. HeinePaul

    HeinePaul Guest

    Andy, that simply can't be true. For example, whatever MCE uses to select
    Cox Cable's HD line-up assigned channel 1003 for the NBC station. That
    station's NTSC channel is 3. In reality, the OTA ATSC channel is 2. For all
    of the other stations with ATSC signals, MCE5 uses the NTSC channel
    assignment and adds 1000 to it. The FCC can't be giving them the NTSC
    channel for the ATSC signal.

    There are really several problems here. It seems that Zap2It has no real
    reporting of HDTV listings, nor of channel assignments. TitanTV is the
    industry leader in getting the best zipcode and head-end specific channel
    line up. I know, because I work with them in my job managing 6 NBC
    television stations.

    Secondly, there are at least two different ways a subscribe (for example) to
    Cox Cable can get an ATSC signal. One involves a set-top box, but you can't
    import the signal from those HD units into a MCE05 computer. The other,
    which makes STB boxes unnecessary, is an unencrypted (per FCC mandate) QAM256
    signal. The cable company re-maps the digital spectrum, so the ATSC OTA
    primary signal for NBC might be 2, but on Cox Cable QAM256, it's 103.2. The
    Fusion III-T HDTV card's software easily finds these remapped QAM256 channels.

    But until MCE05 knows that QAM256 exists, it won't be able to use Cox HDTV
    with the FusionIII-T card, or for that matter, any other HD card that takes
    advantage of cable television.
    HeinePaul, Nov 30, 2004
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