Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by minimus, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. minimus

    minimus Guest

    How do you find google's chrome compared to IE 8.2?
    It seems to me that chrome opens java applications faster.
    With normal pages, they are both fast I think.
    Chrome has a simpler look and provides slightly more space when window is
    But ie 8.2 seems to have a more professional menu.

    What do you think are the differences?
    It seems that the competititon is going to be tough.
    minimus, Sep 5, 2008
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  2. minimus

    rob^_^ Guest


    Are you here for help with IE, or just want company?

    What competition. Do you know what percentage of the web's 1bn users use
    which browsers? So what's the download count for chrome. Not even a flea on
    an elephants...

    If you want a comparison for Chrome, visit the Safari support forums.

    rob^_^, Sep 5, 2008
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  3. minimus

    minimus Guest

    Are you here for help with IE, or just want company?

    Do you belong to a religious sect or what? This group is not your own
    rubbish can where you sing in.
    Compeition is one of the best motvators for improvement.
    Open your mind a bit. Dont live this life in a hut.
    minimus, Sep 5, 2008
  4. minimus

    Leonard Grey Guest

    Your question does not contain all the required information needed for
    us to help you. Please re-write your question, this time make sure you
    have all the needed information and we'll try to help. This article:

    "How to ask a question"

    will help you to create a question that is more likely to provide the
    help you are seeking.
    Leonard Grey, Sep 5, 2008
  5. minimus

    BobJam Guest

    I think what these guys are saying, maybe abruptly, is that this forum is
    intended for problems only, not for evaluations of competition. Your
    request for opinions is worthy, but I think maybe you put it to the wrong
    BobJam, Sep 5, 2008
  6. minimus

    minimus Guest

    I am asking a simple question here and inviting people to compare chrome and

    This is a forum and in a forum people discuss things.
    Dont come up with strange suggestions offering me to read how to ask a
    First ask yourself a question: am I allright?
    minimus, Sep 5, 2008
  7. minimus

    minimus Guest

    I dont take your message serious.

    I am inviting people to compare chrome and ie 8.2.

    Perhaps you should get some help to udnerstand the message.
    minimus, Sep 5, 2008
  8. minimus

    Leonard Grey Guest

    Leonard Grey
    Errare humanum est
    Leonard Grey, Sep 5, 2008
  9. minimus

    minimus Guest

    There are also other messages posted in this group about firefox and so on.
    And there are discussions below.
    Seeing this, I dont accept the insulting messages.
    minimus, Sep 5, 2008
  10. minimus

    minimus Guest

    This is a good start for you.
    Then wil come A, B, C, ...
    minimus, Sep 5, 2008
  11. minimus

    BobJam Guest

    Sorry, but you're going to have to have a thicker skin if you use these
    newsgroups (or for that matter, ANYWHERE on the Internet), or else you're
    going to get your feelings hurt a lot. Remember, people are anonymous here,
    and so can "insult" without getting any repercussions . . . other than a
    response that the insult was felt. And that may be the intent for some (but
    not all . . . communications skills and culture has a lot to do with it).

    So, "accept" or don't accept what you will, but don't expect what you think
    would be "polite" responses . . . you're just setting yourself up for a
    fall. As I said . . . get a thicker skin here on the Internet.
    BobJam, Sep 5, 2008
  12. minimus

    minimus Guest

    I understand Bob. Thanks for the warning.
    I dont understand what the problem is with these people.
    They give a strange impression.
    Life is rational, and with unrational behaviour you cannot survive in this
    Thanks in any case Bob.
    minimus, Sep 5, 2008
  13. minimus

    BobJam Guest


    Tip: Don't get into flame wars . . . it will only encourage further
    abrasiveness, particularly if someone sees that they have you "hooked".
    Ignore it and it will go away. Don't and it will continue in an exchange to
    see who has the best zingers . . . which is pointless and doesn't prove
    anything (and takes up bandwidth in endless "nah, nah, nah-nah's" and not
    valuable problem solving). Let someone have the "last word" and be done
    with it.
    BobJam, Sep 5, 2008
  14. minimus

    BobJam Guest

    BobJam, Sep 5, 2008
  15. minimus

    minimus Guest

    Bob, thanks.
    You are right. It is pointless.

    minimus, Sep 5, 2008
  16. minimus

    VanguardLH Guest

    An "install" which isn't. It copies files rather than do an install.
    This gets around the limited user account that cannot normally run
    software installs. The files are copied under %userprofile%, same trick
    Google uses for their Google Earth program.

    The download is just another download manager that then downloads and
    copies the rest of the files. Total size after the "install" is 46.2MB,
    twice the size of FireFox3 (I don't know all the files for IE that are
    strewn everywhere to get a byte count for it).

    A Google search on Google Chrome reveals problems using it for streaming
    data. Also, the defaults are a security concern. Configure it to
    prompt for a file download. Use Incognito mode or disable the "suggest"
    feature if you don't want Google culling your URLs; see
    Smacks of the old Google Toolbar "advanced" features, Page Rank and Page
    Info, that also cull which search result URLs you use because those
    links go through their server for tracking (and adds a point of
    unreliability in getting to the target). Yes, users can disable the
    feature(s) that cull user web history once those users even know about
    them. It was a year before Google addressed the security concerns about
    these "advanced" features in their Toolbar and added a FAQ about it.
    Wonder how long before they do the same for the URLs they plan on
    harvesting from Chrome users. So Chrome will phone home occasionally
    even if you never visit a Google domain unless you disable another
    "advanced" feature proliferated by Google. For a Java security hole due
    to Google's use of an old version of Webkit, see
    There's a denial-of-service vulnerability that crashes Chrome when tabs
    are open during an Internet session. The carpet bomb crash of Chrome
    from a malformed URL is already in the news. It allows launching of
    executables directly from Chrome, a major security risk.

    They had to amend their EULA immediately after its release because of
    their wording that made it look like you granted them non-exclusive
    rights to reuse any content that you displayed in their browser. I
    don't know what the new version looks like.

    I haven't found how to show a layout page of all tabs, like I can in
    IE7, to get a quick overview of what all the tabs are pointing to. It
    could be yet another keyboard shortcut since many functions are
    available only using those. I'm not interested in learning yet another
    set of key combos.

    In 3 days after its release, Google Chrome surpassed the meager size of
    the Opera community. That's not to say that Chrome is better than Opera
    but only the impetus of having the Google name attached to a web

    Sure, we all know that whenever you want something Google running on
    your host that you always want their GoogleUpdate.exe process
    continually running in the background, right? Wrong!

    Passed 100% for Acid2 testing. 79% for Acid3 testing. Personally I
    don't put much value in those tests since they include deliberately bad
    CSS code. While has their documents on how good code should
    work, I don't recall that they delineate how any web browser should
    handle bad code.

    Some sites require repeated logins before you finally get logged in.
    For example, logging in to Exchange's Webmail might take 4 tries.

    Printing is buried under a Page icon or using right-click to show the
    context menu. No Print button. I don't have Chrome installed anymore
    (in the VM where I trialed it) to know if it has similarly buried
    features, like sending a page via e-mail.

    Tabs are a separate process. Good and bad. The good is that you can
    kill a tab using Task Manager if it becomes unresponsive. The bad is
    that there can be a delay when switching tabs if your CPU is busy.

    Flash is unreliable in Chrome.

    There is a severe lack of user configurability for behavior of this new
    web browser. Austere pleases some users; however, many users want more
    control over the behavior of their web browser. There's no option to
    warn before closing multiple tabs. A new tab (opened from a link) opens
    next to the parent tab. No option to have it open at the far end of the
    tab list. No option to leave Chrome open if you close all tabs and,
    say, go back to the home page or a blank page. No option for how many
    days to save your browsing history.

    No Mac or Linux versions of Chrome. Pretty much renders this browser
    unusable to those folks. Yes, you could use WINE or VirtualBox to run
    the browser under Linux but why should you have to? See

    I don't recall if "Beta" was plastered anywhere in the GUI for Chrome,
    but it *is* a beta release. If it's like their Gmail service, Chrome is
    be perpetually in beta status along with a big splashy release but then
    a near total withdrawl of manpower to address bugs and add enhancements.
    VanguardLH, Sep 5, 2008
  17. minimus

    Tom B. Guest

    Hi Rob,

    I found your inferral that this place is for questions only to be a bit

    Definition of Forum from Merriam Webster:

    1 a: the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the
    center of judicial and public business b: a public meeting place for open
    discussion c: a medium (as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion
    or expression of ideas
    2: a judicial body or assembly : court
    3 a: a public meeting or lecture involving audience discussion b: a program
    (as on radio or television) involving discussion of a problem usually by
    several authorities

    Seems 1c would apply. I think minimus' invitation to a discussion is
    perfectly applicable. Just because these forums are used mostly for
    troubleshooting purposes doesn't mean that's all that they're for.
    Tom B., Sep 5, 2008
  18. minimus

    Tom B. Guest

    BobJam, you should see my response above.
    Tom B., Sep 5, 2008
  19. minimus

    Tom B. Guest

    Thanks VanguardLH for that insight. You brought up some really good points.

    I immediately missed the configurability, but I really like how Chrome
    operates faster than IE7. It also immediately took care of some problems
    I've had with IE7 that I've never been able to solve having to do with popups
    and redirects that are not caused by spyware. I'm using it for now to test
    it but I still use IE7 and Firefox for most browsing.
    Tom B., Sep 5, 2008
  20. PA Bear [MS MVP], Sep 5, 2008
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