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Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by tkpmep, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. tkpmep

    tkpmep Guest

    I have just bought myself a Surface Pro, and have a question about cleaningup Windows Mail so that that I don't lose precious space on my tablet. Turns out that the only way i can transfer files to it from work is to e-mail the files to myself and to then then download them to my Surface. I sent them to my gmail account, then opened the attachments in Windows Mail and saved them to my Documents folder. I accidentally happened to notice that there were files associated with Windows mail, and i suspect that there are twoinstances of each file on my Surface: one in my Documents folder (where I want it), and another in a Windows Mail folder. hidden deep in the bowels of my Surface. Since I'm transferring about a GB of files, I assume that there's another GB going to waste in one or more folders associated with Windows Mail. Question: How do I clean up the files associated with Windows Mailso that I don't waste precious space? Can i just delete the relevant e=mails? Must i dig through the directory structure of my Surface Pro and delete certain folders? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated/

    Thanks in advance

    Thomas Philips
    tkpmep, Mar 2, 2014
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  2. tkpmep

    StephenB Guest

    You posted to a "dead" newsgroup (only carried by nntp servers that ignored the
    remove group message when Microsoft shut down the Microsoft hosted newsgoups)
    for Windows Live Mail and you are using Mail on Windows 8 -- I assume you are
    referring to the Mail app, at least.

    See if this helps:

    If not, post here:

    StephenB, Mar 3, 2014
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  3. tkpmep

    BillW50 Guest

    Wow! You're evil Stephen! Sending users who are currently having
    computer problems to web based forums which can add viruses and trojans
    to their already troubled computer. You're a very bad man Stephen!
    BillW50, Mar 3, 2014
  4. tkpmep

    StephenB Guest

    What are you talking about? NNTP (particulary the alt.binaries, but the entire
    space) is well known for spreading malware.

    One link provided what appears to be the path found for the .eml files for the
    W8 Mail app and the other is the official Microsoft Communities forum. And, this
    was in response to a question, not a problem.

    StephenB, Mar 3, 2014
  5. tkpmep

    Al Sparber Guest

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    Al Sparber Guest

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  7. gh the directory structure of my Surface Pro and delete certain folders?
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated/
    If using a Surface Pro (Win8) and Win8's mail client you should already
    be aware the client supports the following protocols.
    - IMAP (e.g Google, Yahoo, 3rd party isp IMAP accounts)
    - Exchange Active Sync (e.g.,,,, and
    - Exchange (e.g. Exchange, Office 365)

    Unless the 'work' email account supports one of the above protocols (and
    capable of being setup on the Surface Pro using Win8 Windows Mail) then
    only a couple of options are available exclusive of emailing the files
    but those traditionally requiring installation of additional software
    (email clients that support a protocol compatible with the work account)
    which would also decrease remaining disk capacity

    If you need the email *and* the attachments and the ability to read them
    in an email client then why extract/save the attachments to a unique
    folder external to the Win8 email client.

    If you need only attachments, why retain the original messages in Win8's
    Windows Mail.

    If intent on cleaning out Win8's mail files manually via File Explorer
    navigate to

    folder name>\<numerical folder name>\Mail
    - note: <numerical folder name>= a numbered folder name generated by
    the Mail app and unique to your system.

    Once there you will find a variety of other numerical folders that
    contain *.eml files
    - those email files use numbers as filenames with eml as the
    extension....Not really helpful...but one has the ability to add the
    Title or Subject field to File Explorer's view pane enabling the ability
    to see the message's Title or Subject field in alphanumeric.

    Delete files with caution...since every deletion requires the Mail app
    to reindex for what is no longer present whenever the Mail app is used
    in the future...which is why cleanup should be done within the Win8 Mail
    app. The risk of deleting files via Explorer that are currently in the
    Mail app index is corruption of the index and possibly the folder structure.

    Optionally, you could entirely ditch Win8's Windows Mail and use a
    different client that stores emails as *.eml [like Win8's mail app] or
    *.msg [like Outlook] files (with attachments intact) and also providing
    the ability to export the messages (for archiving) to an external device
    (e.g. a 32 GB usb jump drive).

    Bottom line as noted above..If you don't wish duplicates on the doesn't make sense to keep or even copy/extract creating

    Fyi...the disk capacity of a Surface Pro can be expanded with an
    insertable memory card.
    ...winston‫, Mar 5, 2014
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