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Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Mojo, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Mojo

    Mojo Guest

    Hi All

    When I setup PCs for use in a basic Windows 2003 server R2 setup using
    AD/GPO, I have this thing in my head that if my client machines are pre-set
    with as much settings as I want already then this is faster than doing it
    all through GPO.

    Just to put to bed a few myths could you please let me know if and where the
    problems are in the below method:

    1) I get a virgin XP Pro SP3 (don't use Vista or 7) machine, say a Dell,
    with their base image on it.

    2) I install the software that needs to go on it.

    3) I remove the flaff software that they put on it, eg McAfee, Office 2007
    trial, etc.

    4) I create a user local user account, which gives me 1 x admin account and
    1 x user account.

    5) I log on as the user account.

    6) I set a plain colour background, XP classic theme, desktops icons in the
    place that I want them, set auto-arrange on, set energy saver/screen saver
    settings, taskbar settings, control panel settings and so on.

    7) I restart and log on as admin.

    8) I 'show' hidden files and via C:/Docs & Settings I go into the Default
    User folder.

    9) I delete anything in useless out of the start menu, Favs, My Docs and

    10) I copy the NTUser.Dat file from the 'user' folder and overwrite the
    default user's ntuser.dat file.

    11) I hide the hidden files setting.

    Note: the machine is still in Workgroup mode.

    12) I image this master PC onto other machines.

    13) As I start the machines up I change the computer name to make it unique
    and then add the machines to the domain of the server. This is all done
    through the My Computer > Properties window.

    I also do the above My Computer tasks on the master PC if this is also used
    as a client PC in the school.


    Better method?

    Does this perform faster than having to be pulled down from GPO each time a
    user logs in?

    PLEASE NOTE: that we only redirect the My Docs to a User folder on the
    server. There is no roaming profile or redirected desktop, etc.
    Mojo, Aug 24, 2011
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