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Discussion in 'Update Services' started by JPenrose, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. JPenrose

    JPenrose Guest

    Hi Group,

    I've run into a small issue while configuring client-side targeting for WSUS:

    Each departmental OU has a computer OU with a GPO setup to direct the
    machines to populate a WSUS computer group. This seems to be working well
    accept for a handfull of machines.

    I originally setup the server without selecting the option to use group
    policy to assign computers to groups. When I realized that I missed this
    setting I went back and selected it and saved the changes. Since this was
    pretty early in the initial deployment the WSUS server hadn't discovered more
    than about a dozen machines before I corrected the mistake. The computers
    that were discovered prior to the settings change seem to be stuck without a
    home and remain in the unassigned group. Newly discovered machines are
    populating the groups but the first few are not. I also noticed that the
    information bar on the computers page in the WSUS console reports that the
    ‘server is configured for computer-based targeting’. I also have 3 machines
    that report an intended group [TEST_GROUP] that matches the GPO targeting yet
    they to remain in the unassigned group as well (these machines actually had
    the GPO applied to their OU before I corrected the assignment issue; the
    other 'orphaned' machines got their GPO after I fixed the issue but also
    after they were discovered).

    Is there a way that I can get these 'orphaned' machines to populate the

    Does Computer-Based targeting refer to the manual method of populating
    groups? If it is, how can I get the WSUS server to see that I've configured
    GPO-based population?

    Thanks in advance,

    JPenrose, Oct 11, 2005
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  2. They really should move on thier own, but you can try running the following
    on a client
    wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow

    Eddie Bowers
    Security Support
    Microsoft Corporation

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Eddie Bowers [MSFT], Oct 11, 2005
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  3. The clients /should/ automatically populate the correct target group once
    client-side targeting is enabled.

    Confirm that the target group name on the server is /identical/ to the
    target group name configured in policy. The WUA is not very forgiving about
    spacing errors and transposed letters. If they are identical, then the
    'quick fix' is to set the server back to server-side targeting, move those
    computers out of "Unassigned Computers" into their correct target group, and
    then set the server back to client-side targeting.

    NOTE: Before manually moving the clients at the server, verify that the
    clients are actually reporting to the server. The failure to populate the
    correct group could be symptomatic of a communication error in the reporting
    process of the client.
    "Computer-Based" (sic) targeting (actually named client-side targeting)
    refers to the process of assigning target group names through the use of
    client-side settings. These settings can be obtained at the client through
    group policy, local policy, or direct editing of the registry.

    Server-side targeting means that the target groups are only configured at
    the WSUS server and the client will get its information about its group
    membership directly from the server when it executes a detection cycle.

    Lawrence Garvin, Oct 11, 2005
  4. JPenrose

    JPenrose Guest

    Thank you Eddie and Lawence for the replies.

    It appears that all but 3 of the machines have eventually found their way
    into the computer groups after about 4 hours or so. Those 3 machines from the
    OU that originally had the client-side targeting policy applied before I
    changed the server option are still unassigned.

    I did confirm that the target group name on the WSUS server is identical to
    the name entered into the policy (right down to the case) so I'm sure that's
    not it.

    All clients that have reported to the server accept for the 3 mentioned
    above are populating the groups just as I described in the GPO. Even the 3
    machines that aren't showing in the right group show up as having a Requested
    Group: TEST_GROUP (the one they're supposed to be in).

    I'll try the suggested fix's from both replies if this is still an issue in
    the morning (I've been here since 8:00am EST; its now nearly 8:00pm...enough
    is enough).

    I appreciate the help.


    JPenrose, Oct 12, 2005
  5. JPenrose

    JPenrose Guest

    It seems that patience pays off. All but 1 PC has populated the target groups
    and I see no reason why it won't eventually make it there.

    Thanks for the advice.


    JPenrose, Oct 12, 2005
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