Clone a Windows 2003 Std x64 TerminalServer (without Citrix)

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Wolfgang Bauer, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Dear Group,

    I have a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edt. x64 with Terminal Services
    enabled and some programs installed (Office 2007, MS Dynamics AX, aso.) and
    want to duplicate this server to a second machine (same
    Some people say that newSID is not working fine with x64 Windows 2003
    Is this right, are there any other methods to do this?

    My plan is:

    Change one mirroring disk to the second (empty) server, boot him (without
    network), remove from domain (he's a member server), change name, change ip,
    make NEWSID (with tool version 4.10), reboot again (with network), assign to
    domain, finish.
    What do you mean?

    Wolfgang Bauer, Feb 6, 2008
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  2. Is there nobody with knowledge on this?

    Wolfgang Bauer, Feb 7, 2008
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  3. Wolfgang Bauer

    khildin Guest

    I'm confronted with exactly the same situation (except I have Enterprise
    editiion OS)

    I think I just am going to try this since it looks like the fastest way to
    make an exact copy of an existing server.

    I'll post back with results

    khildin, Feb 28, 2008
  4. Meinolf Weber, Feb 28, 2008
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