close with the X means close, not minimze to the system tray

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Destin_FL, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Destin_FL

    Destin_FL Guest

    Just about 50% of the time I close WLMD with the red X top right, it
    actually closes the application exactly as it should. The other 50% of the
    time it merely minimizes it to the system try showing the white mail
    envelope down there. But wait, this gets more bizarre still.... on the
    cases where it "closes" the application and you think it is actually closed
    this time because it leaves no envelope in the system tray, then upon
    reopening WLMD at some point, an error message come up telling me that I
    can't open WLMD at that moment probably because some anti-virus engine is
    using it and/or scanning something, which of course is completely bogus.

    Now I might have believed that for about 8 seconds, until I opened WinPatrol
    to find out what Scotty the monitor dog was seeing - and sure enough,
    wlmail.exe is still listed in Active Tasks even though I had closed it AND
    it was not showing in the system tray.

    Only killing the wlmail.exe from WinPartol will really actually shut down
    WLMD - so that it may be opened again at some point later.

    Aside from the utterly asinine implementation of, and not being able to shut
    off, the ludicrous emoticon system, WLMD is fantastic. Blow the doors off
    every other mail program I have ever used. But the completely unpredictable
    actions of trying to close the program is really starting to chew on me

    I hope somebody has some solutions!


    Destin_FL, Jul 26, 2008
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  2. ....

    How often do you see the compacting prompt?
    Unless you are set to see compacting on demand each time,
    e.g. with number set to 1, I can't see any way to assess the
    reliability of the WLMail close procedure. E.g., at least then
    you either see the prompt or don't see it and if you see it and
    reply to it it either does what you expect it to or not (frequently
    not but that could provide a more specific symptom description
    than what you have given us so far.)

    FWIW my problem symptoms in this regard are that although
    I always get the prompt it frequently can't be responded to
    (e.g. the mouse pointer shows an hour glass.) More specifically,
    then I can see using either Task Manager or Process Explorer
    that the only thing changing in WLMail.exe is I/O Other Bytes
    which increments rather slowly by exactly 16 as if some kind of
    network problem is being perceived by WLMail.

    Also, I recently changed my DSL modem interface from USB
    to Ethernet. Before that I was getting an analogous symptom
    with 24 as the periodic increment in that statistic. That's a factor
    which I think confirms my guess that my second symptom has
    something to do with my network setup.

    ICIM this is happening under XPsp2 with an OS driven PPPoE
    connection. I don't think that there is always a connectivity issue
    at that time (don't know what WLMail would be trying to do then
    on the network anyway) but one possible issue could be that
    I have Internet Options set to Never dial, so if the problem symptom
    has something to do with a Live ID session that would probably
    be happening via a Local Area Connection not one which was
    more provably using the PPPoE circuit.

    So, I suppose a way to change the frequency of my symptom
    may be to disable the Live ID connection. So far I haven't
    really tested that option. The UI certainly doesn't make it
    convenient to just Sign Out before closing the application... ; }


    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Jul 27, 2008
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