Cluster Sizes In Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Stephen J. Froman, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Has anyone tried formatting their hard drive with the Vista Recovery Console
    with a cluster size above the default 4096 and then either tried restoring a
    "CompletePC Backup" or then installing Vista? When I did a restore it
    forced me to format the hard, I haven't tried doing a fresh install to see
    if it also forces you to reformat. I used Partition Magic in XP to change
    the cluster size on my disk but it doesn't work with Vista. The only other
    software I could find was Partition Manager but that also doesn't work with
    Vista. Anyone know of something that does?

    Stephen F.
    Stephen J. Froman, Jun 18, 2006
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  2. Stephen J. Froman

    Chad Harris Guest


    1) I don't think that Vista *has a "Recovery Console."* MSFT finally had
    the sense to kick this bumbling, awkward, inefficient, and 95% of the time
    unsuccessful utility at repairing Windows XP no starts to the curb although
    on a dual boot of XP and Vista it can be useful to get a couple things done
    for Vista from the XP Recovery Console. Vista subs Win PE for the Recovery
    Console. What exactly are you using to format?

    2) I'm also not sure but when you talk about "restoring a Complete PC
    Backup"--are you talking about using Win RE or the System Recovery Options
    and the Startup Repair tool?

    3) Several people have reported problems getting PM to work on Vista,
    although again in a dual boot with XP you might get it to impact your Vista
    space (drive volume, whatever from XP). PM is manufactured/run by Symantec
    now, and even though they probably employ many of the former Power Quest
    team, Symantec distinguishes itself by being the last to become compatible
    with a Windows Operating System. Since recently Symantec has sued it's
    Platinum partner MSFT in (strange behavior from Platinum megabillion dollar
    homies isn't it?), I wouldn't expect Symantec to be rocket fast in getting
    PM Vista compatible, and in fact one of the measures for relief sought by
    Symantec could be to hold Vista's release. Even when there isn't litigation
    between these two, as in the case of XP SP2, there wasn't any activity to
    get compatibility until the week of XP SP2's release.

    Symantec sues Microsoft over trade secrets

    Veritas Operating Corporation v. Microsoft Corporation C06-0703 05/18/2006

    4) I'm confused on your question about a fresh install of Vista requiring
    you to "format."

    Chad Harris, Jun 19, 2006
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  3. Stephen J. Froman

    Bones Guest

    I won't even let Symantec software in the same room as my pc., let alone
    install it. It's the most poorly coded crap I've ever seen, they can't even
    write a proper uninstaller.
    Bones, Jun 19, 2006
  4. It is Win PE, after the lang option when you boot off the DVD the Recovery
    Option below the Windows Vista Install window. I went through that to get
    to a command prompt to run "diskpart", a command line version of Disk
    Management found in Computer Management, I used it to format the drive. The
    "CompletePC Backup" is a new option in the backup utility on Vista. I
    hadn't thought of using PM from XP to do it. Thanx

    Stephen F.
    Stephen J. Froman, Jun 19, 2006
  5. Partition Magic sees the Vista hard drive as a "BAD" partition and won't let
    me doing anything other than format it. Only other thing to try is format
    the HD to 64K cluster size and then try a fresh install which may just turn
    out to be a waist of time. I wish Microsoft would include a utility that
    would allow you to make changes like that to the primary HD.

    Stephen F.
    Stephen J. Froman, Jun 20, 2006
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