Clustering with a SAN - Which comes first Cluster or SAN?

Discussion in 'Clustering' started by DJS, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. DJS

    DJS Guest

    I'm new to clustering so please forgive me. I've read several papers on what
    to do, but it does not make sense to me. I've read the Step-by-Step Guide
    to Installing Cluster Services, plus a couple other 30+ page guides on what
    to do, but it seems some small details I'm missing.

    We've got two Dell 2850 Servers ( both will be nodes ), and an External EMC2
    Fiber connected SAN. Neither of the nodes will be a DNS, DHCP, DC, they will
    simply be member servers.

    The doc's I've found say to have all storage avaliable and configured BEFORE
    going to Cluster Admin and creating the Cluster. If I do this will it not
    allow my second node to work with the SAN?

    I've already made one mistake and created a local Quorum, which I could not
    relocate, even though I tried going to the Quorum tab and tried to move it to
    the SAN without any luck. I've reloaded the machine since everything I tried
    would not allow me to move the Quorum. But now I'm back to step one.

    Both Dell 2850 Servers are configured with 2 internal mirrored drives to
    boot from. Both servers have Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, and are
    completely updated. Both servers have two nic's ( one public and one private
    ). Both are in the same domain. Other than the computer names and ip
    addresses, these machines are identical. Both also have a Fiber controller
    to connect to the SAN. The SAN has been initialized and an area has been
    assigned for the cluster ( or server at this point ).

    So, two questions to get started with.

    1 ) Do I create the cluster without the SAN first?

    2 ) On the SAN, when I configure it, do I use the first cluster node name or
    use the cluster name to access the SAN?

    Again, I'm sorry, clustering in theory is a great idea, but with nothing to
    play to see it work, I'm a little confused about getting it up and running.
    DJS, Dec 16, 2005
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  2. You have to follow the step by step. The SAN has to come first or the
    cluster can't use it. With the other node off, configure the LUNs as disk
    and assign drive letters or mount points. Do this for both nodes.

    Then configure/create a cluster...



    MVP - Windows Server - Clustering - Clustering Website - Blog - Cluster Training
    Rodney R. Fournier [MVP], Dec 16, 2005
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  3. DJS

    DJS Guest

    Thanks much for the quick response. I've also been scanning, downloading and
    reading as much as I can from your web site. You've given me much more to
    look at from your site alone. I'll start with the SAN and see what I can
    do from there.

    Again, thanks much for your quick response.

    I'll check back later if I need further assistance.

    Thanks much for any and all assistance.


    DJS, Dec 16, 2005
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