Collapse of two domains with same Netbios Name

Discussion in 'Server Migration' started by Alistair Keay, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Customer has two domains _ One in America and one in Europe with the same
    Netbios name.

    Both domains are small to medium size spanning about 4 sites each with
    approximately 6 domain controllers, exchange 2003 and about 200 users each.

    The aim is to collapse one domain into the other.
    Customer’s idea was to create a child domain for the American domain, then
    create a trust with the European domain and use ADMT to migrate users across.
    I don’t think this is going to work and I would value advice on this and
    any clever ideas to overcome the problem.
    Alistair Keay, Jun 20, 2006
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  2. if the name is the same you cant migrate them into each other...

    for that you need an interim fomain/forest

    * migrate both (one at a time) into new forest/domain
    * migrate one to interim forest/domain and then migrate that to other



    # Jorge de Almeida Pinto # MVP Windows Server - Directory Services

    Jorge de Almeida Pinto [MVP], Jun 20, 2006
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  3. My only other idea is to carry out a domain rename but I have tried this in a
    lab and it did work but I see this as being very high risk.
    Thanks for any help,

    Alistair Keay, Jun 21, 2006
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