Color TV when using Phono cable but Black and White when using S-Video, any ideas?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Dmitriy, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. Dmitriy

    Dmitriy Guest

    I have a problem of my TV show correct color picture from my PC when
    using Phono cable but Black & White when using S-Video. Any ideas why?

    Dmitriy, Nov 27, 2004
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  2. Dmitriy

    JW Guest

    It is most likely a bad cable or you have a bent pin in one of the cable
    connectors as one of the pins adds the color signal to the black and white
    signal. In composite video the black and white and color signals are on the
    same wire.

    I suggest confirming that your TV will accept S-Video with color from
    another source with the same cable.

    If you have an S-Video to composite adapter you can also check to see if the
    S-Video signal from the PC is good if it color composite.
    JW, Nov 27, 2004
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  3. Dmitriy

    Terry Walsh Guest

    You could also check your TV to see if there is a setting to switch the
    video input to S-Video. My TV has such a setting - without it, I get black
    and white video!

    Terry Walsh, Nov 27, 2004
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