"Compatibility Testing and Mitigation Guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2"

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Dutch User, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Dutch User

    Dutch User Guest

    Don't just assume all your vital applications will work with SP2,
    check it first:

    Application Compatibility Testing and Mitigation Guide for Windows XP
    Service Pack 2:

    "At more than 100 pages, the guide doesn't make for light reading. It covers
    the havoc that SP2 could wreak on machines running Windows XP, how to go
    about testing for incompatibility issues and how to fix the problems that
    come up."

    I was quite surprised about the
    "just download it" (or get it through WU)
    attitude from some posters in this NG.

    There are sometimes serious issues that must be fixed/addressed *before WU
    updates XP with SP2,
    I cannot believe that most people just allow WU
    to instal this major update without preparation.

    Well, the amount of issues posted says it all.

    Prepare before you jump.
    Dutch User, Aug 29, 2004
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