Compatibility: Vista 64 vs. Vista 32

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Scotter, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Scotter

    Scotter Guest

    I'm about to build a new computer.
    All the parts will be here by tomorrow.
    Also bought Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

    Does that OS have a compatibility mode for 32-bit software? Or do I need to
    run 64-bit versions of everything? Will using the 64-bit version of Vista
    severely limit what software I can use? Here are some of the programs I can
    think of now:

    MS Office 2003
    MS Visual Studio 2005
    FTP Voyager
    Boxer Text Editor
    Photoshop CS2
    Illustrator CS2
    Flash 8
    Poser 7
    Game: Supreme Commander
    Game: Planetside

    Oh and I suppose I'll switch from Outlook to the mail program built into
    Vista... ? Anything you all want to share about that? For one, does that
    mail program have a built-in spam-checker? If so, how effective have you all
    found it to be? If it doesn't, is there a 3rd-party spam-checker that works
    with the 64-bit Vista mail program?

    Thanks for any info/advice you can give! (I'm going to do a lot of Googling
    now to see what I can learn while I hope for response to this post)
    Scotter, Feb 27, 2007
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  2. Scotter

    Andyistic Guest

    You can run all 32-bit Windows software (which work under Vista 32) under
    Vista 64, except device drivers.
    All drivers must be 64-bit and must be signed.
    Before you feel that your device can't be used because it doesn't have such
    a driver on the installation disk,
    check with the manufacturer's website. They are updating drivers all the

    My pen tablet works fine from XP out of the box.
    Won't work at all under Vista until I went to their webpage and installed
    their Vista driver.
    What I got from them on the webpage also works for Vista 64.

    -- Andy
    Andyistic, Feb 27, 2007
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