Complete PC Backup: full vs. incremental

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by kub, May 28, 2008.

  1. kub

    DSReasner Guest

    Kub - Yes, if you choose to restore from another computer then you should be
    able to designate the location of the backup image rather than the default.
    (I read at least one post stating that you could rename everything and put
    the backup image back to the original location, but I wouldn't.) In your
    proposal, you keep a copy in the default location, say a higher level folder,
    then periodically snapshot the image by copying the backup image to a
    lower/different folder named by date or month or order number. If you choose
    to restore from the most current backup image in the default location then
    you can use the standard menu selections but if you want to go further back
    to an earlier snapshot you choose to restore from another computer and select
    one of the other folders with an older snapshot. By the way, further reading
    on the various forums indicates that you can wipe the backup history (but not
    the backup images) by using the WBADMIN command (using elevated rights).
    There is an option for WBADMIN DELETE CATALOG that is not listed in the
    WBADMIN /? help documentation. However, this will remove your backup history
    for your own reference and also does not differentiate between types of
    backups so you can expect to also delete the history from the SYSTEMSTATE
    backups. I have not tried to delete the catalog. I would prefer to manage
    my backups either all through the GUI at the utility or all through the
    command prompt and it appears difficult. Good luck... hope this helps.

    DSReasner, Jun 7, 2008
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