Complete PC Restore on Preinstalled (OEM) Vista Ultimate

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Gregory Sebastian, Dec 3, 2007.

    HP Pavillion Laptop preinstalled with Vista Ulitmate (OEM). Last week, my
    hard disk crashed and it was replaced. Naturally the laptop came back with a
    factory installation of the OS. In Oct, I did a complete PC back to an
    external hard drive (thank goodness) before it crashed. I now want to restore
    by hard disk image from the backup.

    The help documentations for Complete PC Restore says that if I use a
    pre-installed version of Windows, I have to reboot the PC and tap F8. This
    brings me to the "Recovery Enviroment" to which I should subsequently select
    "Repair Your Computer". I followed this instructions to the letter. Windows
    detected my backup set. However as I proceed, I keep getting an error with
    the message like : Windows needs to reformat and repartition my hard disk but
    I booted from the hard disk. It then says that I should reboot from a CD/ DVD
    and I cannot proceed with the Restore.

    The only other bootable CD/ DVD i have is the Recovery disks (set of 2) that
    I created from Windows (Start | All Programs | Maintenance | Create Recovery
    Disk). I tried this but it does not have the software components needed for
    the "Complete PC Recovery". All it does is help me do a factory install. It
    seems like the Complete PC Backup and Restore in OEM Vista Ultimate does not
    work. Does anyone know if I can create a bootable DVD with "Complete PC
    Restore" option. I checked the control panel and theres nothing. Perhaps
    theres a command line option or something ? As far as I know all 3rd party
    disk image backup and Restore products allows us to create a bootable disk
    (CD or DVD) to recover. In Windows Backup and Restore, shouldn't there be an
    option for me to create a bootable "Complete PC Restore" DVD or CD to enable
    us to recover ?

    I purchased Ultimate mainly for this feature.

    Thanks & Regards
    Gregory Sebastian, Dec 3, 2007
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