Complicated move of Vista, need expert axvice.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by John Monahan, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. John Monahan

    John Monahan Guest

    OK after 3 months of trying without success to solve a problem where Office
    2007 does not return properly from a Vista sleep state. I concluded that the
    problem must be some hardware problem with my ASUS P5W-DH DeLuxe
    motherboard. I conclude this because I installed Vista (business) from my
    DVD on to a brand new HD with this motherboard using only a minimal system
    along with Office.
    Since nobody had suggestions (including Microsoft support folks), I have
    decide to chuck the ASUS board.

    OK I want to get one of the new Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6's just out which looks
    great. I will switch my Intel Core Duo and memory. Since the hardware on
    this motherboard is different to the ASUS board I was going to do a clean
    install on my new HD (a 1TB drive!) from my Vista DVD.

    My question is:-

    Can I get it Activated. I don't mind de-activating the above old HD Vista
    since I will never use it again anyway or use it as a drive D.

    Is so, what is the process at Microsoft. I assume I will have to use the
    phone support system. Will it accept my numbers etc or will I have to
    wait/explain this whole process to a real person -- which based on my Office
    2007 problem above -- can take hours.

    Alternatively would it be easier/less hassle to image copy (with Acronis)
    the old HD vista on to the new 1TB drive, boot that up on the ASUS
    motherboard let Vista get comfortable with the new disk ID (only 1 of the
    several magic things it looks at to detect copies) and then switch the new
    1TB drive over on to the Gigabyte motherboard doing a "VISTA repair

    I really don't want to do a classical network/cable transfer since I have
    only one power supply etc setup.
    John Monahan, Jul 25, 2007
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  2. John Monahan

    Malke Guest

    Before you go through all that - I've read at least 3 posts from people
    with Asus laptops (presumably with Asus motherboards) and they said
    there was a new BIOS patch for Asus machines that solved all the weird
    blue screens and other problems they were having. So you might want to
    first check if there is a BIOS update for your board and if there is,
    give it a flash. After all, if you're planning on tossing the board, it
    can't hurt.

    I'm assuming that your Vista Business is a retail copy. If this is the
    case, you won't have any problems activating AFAIK. You might not even
    have to phone in but if you do, it's no big deal. Your motherboard died
    and you replaced it. You aren't running Vista on more than one system.
    End of story.

    If you do switch out boards, I think I'd go for a clean install but
    that's just me. If you have an Enterprise version of Acronis with
    Universal Restore (and I don't know if the home version comes with it),
    it might work to image it onto different hardware. Otherwise, who knows?
    If you have your stuff backed up first you might try it.

    Malke, Jul 25, 2007
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  3. John Monahan

    John Monahan Guest

    Thanks for the info Mike.
    Yes its a retail full install.
    I have never actually used the phone activation system. if I have to talk to
    a real person how long is the typical wait.
    Second since I am changing BOTH my motherboard & Hard Disk (i.e. essentially
    putting Vista on a new computer) is that acceptable by the activation
    "system". How does it work. Would is simply flag the old system if somebody
    used it at a later date by accessing the internet and not allow upgrades.
    John Monahan, Jul 25, 2007
  4. John Monahan

    Malke Guest

    I've had to call in for activation numerous times for clients over the
    years. The whole process takes roughly 7 minutes on average. It is no
    big deal. I won't pretend to like activation but it hasn't been an
    ordeal at all. Ever.

    I don't quite understand your last question. Yes, you are putting Vista
    on a new machine. Yes, you have a retail copy. Yes, you are only running
    it on one machine. Yes, if you ran it on two machines activation would
    fail on one of them. But you aren't doing that, so no worries.

    Malke, Jul 25, 2007
  5. John Monahan

    John Barnes Guest

    If someone tried to use the other installation, which you said you weren't
    going to do, it would have to be activated. Then the next time you tried to
    use the later installation it would have to be activated, get the point. If
    I recall each gave 3 days to activate or it just shuts down to a screen with
    3 options, internet activation now, telephone activation and one other very
    limited option.
    John Barnes, Jul 25, 2007
  6. John Monahan

    Paul Randall Guest

    I've heard that you will spend about 5 minutes on the phone, most of it
    punching in your license number. If this automated activation doesn't work,
    don't hang up - before 5 minutes have elapsed a live person will likely have
    taken over and they are pretty understanding on your reasons for
    reactivating on a 'different' system.

    After you have activated Vista on your new system, if someone uses your old
    hard drive and has to activate, they can do the same thing using their
    'reason', and get activated. But I've heard that Vista phones home pretty
    often - it won't be long before your activation will be flagged as bad and
    you can start the cycle again.

    -Paul Randall
    Paul Randall, Jul 25, 2007
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